What is YObit?

Investing in Bitcoin and other altcoins are taking the investment world by storm. Undoubtedly, the risks associated with carrying out such speculations are quite high, but the rewards are equally tempting. Today, however, whenever you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you must first register with virtual currency exchange.

There are more and more platforms around that allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Being overwhelmed with so many options, it’s hard to figure out where to sign up to trade profitably in this market.

Well, it is precisely in this sense that we thought of writing this review. Today we are reviewing one of the most popular trading portals: YoBit. In this review, you can learn almost everything about this exchange from its registration process to security.

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What are YObit’s main features?

YoBit is not new to the world of cryptocurrencies. As a global exchange, it serves many countries around the world. The portal was officially introduced in 2015 on a BitcoinTalk.org module. The team behind this portal is located in Russia and does all the work that should be done to try and be a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Just take a look at the website to know that the interface is clean and precise. Furthermore, the site is easy to navigate. Since the site is simple to use, cryptocurrency trading can be done without any particular difficulty.

The homepage of the website has a series of tabs which include “Commerce”, “Market”, “InvestBox”, “Portfolios”, “ICO”, ​​“CoinsInfo”, “AddToken”, “Support” and “PM”. On the far right of the homepage, there are two tabs, one is “Registration” while the other is “Login”.

So at first glance, it would seem a fairly reliable platform, we would say is the norm. The site is an international exchange and is therefore available in three languages: English, Russian and Chinese. This obviously poses a problem for non-English speaking users.

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