What is Spectre AI?

SPECTRE is a website that allows you to trade in currencies, commodities, stocks and other assets for financial benefit.

Uniquely, it enables traders to achieve ROI of up to 100% (average 73%) on just one trade in minutes (or even seconds).

Unlike traditional brokerages, it sits on top of the global auditing technology, which means it offers unparalleled transparency.

Traders can choose the OTC account option and never trade on SPECTRE to see what the trades are doing.

SPECTRE’s liquidity pool (i.e. balance sheet) is owned by the platform users, who are rewarded based on the volume of transactions in SPECTRE, rather than being centrally managed.

Direct Interaction of Spectre AI & Blockchains

The Ethereum blockchain is a globally distributed ledger that uses thousands of decentralized servers around the world to audit and confirm transactions.

These can be simple money transfers or complex smart contract outcomes such as transaction processing.

This requires no human intervention and is the safest way to confirm.

Traders contribute ether (the cryptocurrency used by the exchange) to their Ethereum wallets.

Traders can deposit funds into an online Ethereum wallet or into any Ethereum-approved wallet.

When traders use a non-online Ethereum wallet to make transactions directly, they incur gas costs for each transaction (which is a payment to the Ethereum blockchain for each transaction) and only the amount they transact is reported in the smart contract until the transaction is completed.

At no point can funds (either in traders’ wallets or those being traded) fall into the hands of a third party, resulting in a truly decentralized approach to trading.

However, if the trader chooses to use live escrow to trade, putting the funds in a secure smart contract will be able to greatly reduce the cost of gas, but only recover the income every 24 hours.

Trading Asset on Spectre AI

You can trade real-time currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities; as well as reverse futures and digital currency historical data, all from one account.

  • No actual ownership of the financial instrument on which the contract is based at the time of the transaction.
  • Predict the ups and downs of market prices in the future.
  • Trade the world’s most liquid market – the foreign exchange market (forex, referred to as FX).
  • Trade the most popular commodities – Gold and Silver.
  • Historical trading with EPIC and reverse futures.

On Spectre AI, you can invest in various financial markets including the followings:

Forex Currency Pairs
Buy, sell and trade a wide range of different global currencies and participate in one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world – the foreign exchange market with an average daily trading volume of over $5 trillion. The sum of all the world’s stock markets can’t compare to it. Spectre AI offers the most traded FX currencies including USD, GBP, JPY, AUD and EUR, as well as some other less popular currencies.
Buy, sell and trade the most popular commodities – Gold (XAU/USD) and Silver (XAG/USD) – without you having to physically handle and store them.
With Spectre AI, you can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies. Even if you don’t own the base currency, you don’t need a foreign exchange account or a special wallet to speculate on cryptocurrency price movements. The cryptocurrency market is open 24/7. This market is prone to huge value swings, and you can take advantage of this volatility to trade encrypted electronic contracts and CFDs to get the highest returns in the industry.
EPIC is Spectre’s benchmark index for the euro currency pair, traded over time. Data feeds are moderated, based on historical price data, and represent intraday market movements (i.e. volatility) of the euro relative to a basket of other currencies. EPIC can be traded around the clock (24/7) and can expire in just 1 second.
Reverse Futures
Reverse futures are Spectre’s digital contracts for past global stocks. Data feeds are vetted, based on historical price data, and represent intraday market movements (i.e. volatility) for different stocks. Reverse futures can be traded 24/7 and expire in just 1 second.
Buy, sell and trade a variety of different stocks. Trade all your favorite stocks from popular markets with Spectre AI’s exclusive digital contracts and covered CFDs. Enjoy zero leverage and tight spreads and get 90% returns in seconds. Shares can be traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Broker-Free Platform = Spectre AI

Spectre.ai is the world’s first broker-free trading platform.

Using the unique smart contract technology of the Ethereum blockchain, traders can trade directly with the liquidity pool.

The Ethereum blockchain is recognized and used by major industrial and financial giants such as Credit Suisse, Deloitte and Microsoft.

In the Spectre.ai trading world, there are absolutely no shady brokers, just a set of audited, secure smart contracts relying on a global blockchain that governs all transactions, outcomes and payouts.

100% transparency, pure transaction, no cheating.

SHARIAH compliant account available

Spectre.ai is fully sharia compliant and does not charge any fees.

This enables its clients who respect the Islamic faith to transact on the Spectre.ai platform in a fair and ethical manner, with absolutely no fraud, no interest and no hidden costs.

These same highly attractive trading conditions are available to all clients regardless of their beliefs.

Spectre AI provides Blockchain proof service

In traditional trading scenarios, be it binary or forex, disputes are resolved behind the scenes occasionally or not.

At Spectre.ai, each transaction is computed and resolved on the Ethereum blockchain or aggregated every 24 hours and sent to the blockchain for verification.

Growing network with more than 20,000 nodes around the world.

All nodes confirm transaction entry and transaction launch (through independent third-party verification to determine transaction entry and exit prices), as well as confirming debits and credits to trader accounts.

Spectre AI is the first trading platform in the world to provide a global blockchain audit trail.

Traditional & Digital Trading Contracts

Spectre.ai is the first platform to allow retail traders to trade digital contracts, a new category of trading contracts that can earn returns of up to 400% (in some cases) in one second.

Digital contracts can be traded on a range of assets, including traditional currency pairs as well as other assets.

Last but not least, Spectre.ai also offers traditional A-Book forex trading.

Open a free Demo account with Spectre AI

All account types automatically include a risk-free demo account with permanent access within your account.

This completely free demo account requires no deposits and comes pre-filled with unlimited virtual funds.

It lets you experience some risk-free virtual trading to prepare you for the real deal.

No matter your level of trading, the Spectre demo account is a great place to practice your trading skills and become a better trader without spending any of your capital.

Please note that virtual funds are not real funds and have no value. Virtual funds cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other accounts you hold with Spectre or third parties.

Continuous and Decentralized Liquidity

Spectre.ai, unlike other brokers, displays a decentralised, real-time liquidity pool, which can be traded on the platform as a counterparty.

This means Spectre.ai is always liquid even with just 1 trader or millions of traders.

This liquidity is protected, ensuring long-term security for traders.

Traders can trade with each other (p2p) or with liquidity pools, called DALPs (decentralized independent liquidity pools).

This means that no traders are dealing with shady brokers who may choose to pay or not.

Neither Spectre.ai nor traders can access DALP.

Only immutable smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain can withdraw or send funds from DALP, respectively.

High Frequency and Low Risk Trading

SPECTRE’s unique tokenized balance sheet model enables traders to trade 24 hours a day, where applicable, as a counterparty to all transactions.

SPECTRE.ai has two token classes; a utility token and a dividend token.

Privilges of Spectre AI’s utility tokens

SPECTRE’s U-TOKEN is the world’s first financial trading platform that provides key unlocking features for traders who hold a special Utoken (SXUT), an internal currency-based privilege enabler!

This means that traders who hold the token can get higher compensation, more assets, higher transaction size, which brings a series of benefits.

This means that those traders who hold the token in their digital wallets can reap higher rewards, more assets, higher transaction sizes and a host of other benefits that breathe new life into their potential.