BKEX Global has fully upgraded its BKEX Smart Pool to provide users with more professional, reliable, and comprehensive liquidity mining agency services. The new BKEX Smart Pool offers four distinct product types, each catering to different investment preferences and goals.

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Product Types

The upgraded BKEX Smart Pool consists of four types: Flexible Mining, Short-term Mining, Fixed Mining, and Launchpool:

  • Flexible Mining: Users can deposit assets into pools to participate in market liquidity mining and earn mining rewards. Deposits and withdrawals are flexible, and earnings are generated daily with instant asset transfers.
  • Short-term Mining: A higher-earning alternative to Flexible Mining, Short-term Mining offers daily earnings distribution with a short unlocking cycle (1-3 days, varying by currency). This option is ideal for short-term holders seeking value-added benefits.
  • Fixed Mining: Users lock their coins/tokens for 7 days or more, with rewards calculated based on the lock-up period and estimated yield. Early withdrawal is not permitted, making this option suitable for long-term investors.
  • Launchpool: BKEX Global periodically screens new projects for preliminary mining, allowing users to obtain project tokens by pledging a specific currency. Rewards are distributed daily during the mining period.

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Yield Statement

BKEX Smart Pool yields are determined by the actual liquidity mining projects and have floating earnings attributes. Different participation currencies may correspond to different earning levels due to varying incentive mechanisms. The displayed APY is an estimated yield for reference only, with the actual yield subject to each product’s settlement. The 7-day APY refers to the average expected APY over the past seven days.

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Earning Distribution Rules:

Short-term Mining:

  • Daily position balance snapshots calculate daily average positions and determine customer position proportions and earnings.
  • Transferred funds are excluded from daily average position calculations.
  • 80% of daily earnings are distributed proportionally among participants; the remaining 20% serves as a handling fee and commission for the platform.

Fixed Mining:

  • Rewards may include deposited coins or other tokens, as announced.
  • No rewards are earned during the collection and settlement period.
  • Users cannot exit early during mining.
  • Rewards are determined by the number of deposited assets, mining duration, and estimated APY.
  • Actual earnings may vary from the displayed estimated APY.


  • Rewards are tokens of corresponding new projects.
  • APY displays as zero until the new project tokens are listed.
  • Hourly snapshots of deposited balances calculate daily average positions and user reward proportions.
  • Transferred assets are excluded from daily average position calculations.
  • No rewards are earned during the unlocking period, and assets are available after the unlocking cycle expires.

In conclusion, the upgraded BKEX Smart Pool offers enhanced liquidity mining agency services tailored to a range of user preferences. With Flexible, Short-term, Fixed Mining, and Launchpool options, BKEX Global aims to maximize crypto earnings for its users.

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