Overview of CoinEx Futures Products and Functions

In addition to the basic currency trading products of cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinEx also launched Futures trading products to provide you with a variety of investment options.

A Futures contract is an encrypted digital asset derivative. Investors can choose to buy long or sell short by judging the rise or fall of the price, and obtain the benefits brought about by the rise or fall of the price.

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Advantages of Futures Trading

  • Risk hedging: Futures trading can help you reduce the impact of sharp fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices on investment returns. When the price rises, you can earn money by going long; when the price falls, you can also earn money by selling short.
  • Increase the utilization rate of funds: Futures trading has a leveraged nature. Traders can trade after amplifying the principal by adjusting the leverage multiple of the position.
  • Rich investment options: Futures trading expands the trading methods of cryptocurrencies, making your investment portfolio more diversified and helping to reduce investment risks.

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Types of Futures transactions

According to different pricing currencies, CoinEx provides two types of perpetual Futures products:

  • Linear contract: a perpetual contract settled in USDT, learn more about Linear contract.
  • Inverse contract: a perpetual contract settled in cryptocurrency, learn more about inverse contract.

The difference between the two types of contracts, learn more about what is a Linear contract and a Inverse contract.

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The main functions of Futures transactions

  1. Long/short: long refers to buying a contract when the price rises and sells it after a period of time; shorting refers to selling a contract when the price falls and buys it after a period of time.
  2. Leverage: Unlike the currency market, the contract market allows traders to trade more than their principal. Traders can set the leverage multiple of the contract position to enlarge the principal and then trade the contract.
  3. Margin: When users conduct Futures transactions, they only need to pay a small amount of funds according to a certain percentage of the contract value as a financial guarantee to conduct Futures transactions.

CoinEx provides two types of digital currency derivatives, Linear contract and inverse contract.

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What is a Linear contract?

Linear contracts are also known as “USDT standard contracts”, which are contracts denominated, settled and guaranteed by USDT or other stable currencies.

For example, the market price, position income and margin of the Linear contract BTCUSDT on CoinEx are all denominated in USDT.

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Advantages of Linear contracts

Users only need to hold USDT assets to trade in multiple markets. There is no exchange cost, and they have high transaction flexibility.

Compared with other assets, users hold USDT assets, which can avoid currency price fluctuations risk, ensuring the stability of asset value.

The position settlement is denominated in USDT, which can easily calculate the income in legal currency, which is more intuitive.

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What is a Inverse contract?

The inverse contract is also called “coin-based contract”, which is a contract denominated in USD and settled and guaranteed by the underlying digital assets.

For example, the market price of the CoinEx inverse contract BTCUSD is denominated in USD, while the position profit and margin are denominated in BTC.

In addition, the inverse contract uses the number of “contracts” as the pricing unit to represent the position value of the contract.

One contract represents the contract value of 1 USD.

Similarly, a 100 USD BTCUSD contract is equal to 1 USD X 100 contracts.

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Advantages of Inverse contracts

It is denominated and settled in cryptocurrency, and the income obtained can be used for long-term capital accumulation.

The trading users are mainly miners or long-term holders.

When the price rises, investors can use the Inverse contract to “earn currency with currency”.

While holding digital assets, they can also trade and invest, and use the Inverse contract to hedge their positions in the spot market without having to exchange The currency is converted to USDT.

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