SEPA Instant Fund Transfer with Bitpanda

The wait is over (literally). Now your money arrives instantly with SEPA Instant, now available on Bitpanda for your regular bank transfers, to speed up deposits and withdrawals. You can now transfer money in minutes, 24 hours a day, even on holidays or weekends.

Do you remember that time when you sat in awe watching a price graph that shot up like a rocket, only to end up landing suddenly when you saw that you had no money in your Bitpanda account to buy? While we can’t predict the next bullish momentum for your favorite crypto assets, we can tell you that you can be there to jump on the bandwagon. Now you can transfer money to your Bitpanda fiat wallet in minutes with SEPA Instant transfers.

Use Bitpanda’s SEPA Instant

Instant transfers

Bitpanda wants you to have access to your money when you need it and in a matter of minutes. You asked for it and Bitpanda fulfilled it. This is precisely why Bitpanda has enabled SEPA Instant in Bitpanda for your regular bank transfers: Bitpanda wants to speed up your deposits and withdrawals in Bitpanda. From now on, when you deposit or withdraw with SEPA Instant (you must have it enabled in your bank account), the money will arrive in a matter of minutes. Get that quick trade on the weekend or 2am: SEPA Instant is available 24 hours a day and your money will be credited to your Bitpanda account almost immediately, even on weekends or holidays.

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What is SEPA Instant?

The term “SEPA Instant” is the abbreviation of “Single Euro Payments Area Instant Payment” and is a method of making almost immediate and cashless payment banking operations that take a maximum of ten seconds. While some banks can take up to several days to process credit when using other payment methods, enabling SEPA Instant for the bank account means you can move your money in minutes and recharge your account whenever you want.

Use Bitpanda’s SEPA Instant

How can I use SEPA Instant transfers?

The only prerequisite for using SEPA instant transfers is that your bank offers this service, as they do at Bitpanda, and that the option is enabled in your bank account before transferring the money. SEPA Instant is available whenever you want, specifically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no delays and no additional charges from Bitpanda. Check if your bank supports * SEPA instant transfers here . Remember that your bank may charge you additional fees for instant SEPA transfers or impose other types of limitations on this service for legal reasons, so you should also consult the general conditions of your bank. This service is only available for deposits and withdrawals in euros.

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Does Bitpanda offer other transfer options?

Bitpanda is almost certain that SEPA Instant will win you over (almost instantly), however Bitpanda’s wide range of trusted deposit options (which vary by country and currency), including Skrill, SOFORT, eps, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller and GiroPay, will continue to be at your disposal as always.

Use Bitpanda’s SEPA Instant