What is Binance Live?

Binance Live is committed to building a new live broadcast ecosystem in the blockchain field. Through Binance Live, you can watch exclusive sessions from masters in the crypto field, professional investment analysis teachings from industry leaders, and you can also come and share your experience with other like-minded investors at any time.

At this stage, Binance Live is looking for the first batch of partners to join the encrypted live broadcast ecosystem. If you are willing to become Binance’s live broadcast partner, please click the link below and apply to join the Binance Live broadcast partner.

Binance Live’s goal

Build a sustainable livestreaming ecosystem on the leading crypto trading platform.

Help each Binance Live partner increase visibility and revenue.

Provide Binance Live viewers with relevant expertise/education/sharing/entertainment in the field of virtual currency.

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Binance Live’s advantage

With a large number of daily active users on the Binance platform, you will have the opportunity to attract traffic to your live broadcasts, thereby increasing your exposure, followers, and income.

Received gifts can be directly converted into virtual currency earnings.

Compared with other traditional live broadcast platforms, Binance Live has a relatively low platform commission and a higher anchor share.

You will have the opportunity to develop into a live streaming superstar on the leading crypto trading platform and gain higher exposure and income.

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Requirements for applying for an anchor

At least 15 days a month, 30 hours.

Live content should include: chats, games, or crypto-related lectures/guides.

Actively engage with your audience.

Viewers are encouraged to follow the account and turn on notification settings for the latest news.

Actively promote live messages on social media.

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Binance Live Partner Terms

The streamer’s gift income will be transferred to the Binance Live Rewards distribution backend, and distributed to the streamer’s Binance wallet after monthly salary settlement.

Binance Live will contact you via email.

The promotion of other competing products, advocacy of specific currency transactions, or other violations of the law is not allowed in the live broadcast.

All livestreaming content is subject to Binance’s Terms of Use and Binance’s Live Broadcasting Rules.

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