Recently, the crypto market, which had been silent in the cold winter, has become frenzy again due to an APT airdrop. The reason is that Aptos, which has received hundreds of millions of financing, finally officially launched the mainnet on October 18. With the launch of its token APT on major exchanges, Aptos will also airdrop more than 20 million APTs to more than 110,000 testnet users. The effect of this wave of getting rich directly ignited the enthusiasm of the crypto market, causing a new round of airdrops in the bear market. The Aptos public chain has also become a much-anticipated new public chain. Looking back at the investment institutions behind it, A16z and FTX are all wind vanes in the investment world, which makes people wonder, what is the origin of Aptos?

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Aptos, with its own star team halo

Aptos is a Layer 1 public chain project initiated by the former team members of Facebook’s stablecoin project Diem. Its goal is to build a scalable, secure, trustworthy and upgradeable smart contract platform to become a public blockchain that can meet the needs of billions of users in the future. chain. In February of this year, the public chain Aptos entered the market and attracted the attention of capital due to its own Facebook team, and even won hundreds of millions of financing in one fell swoop, the market attention is also high.

Technically, Aptos uses its own Move programming language and parallel processing of transactions, which challenges Layer1 and Layer2 public chains such as Ethereum that use Solidity language.

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Technical features of Aptos:

1. Adopt Move language: Move language emphasizes scarcity and access control, consolidates the security of the public chain from the bottom layer, and ensures its flexibility. It is a smart contract language more suitable for financial applications.

2. Adopt the BFT consensus mechanism (version 4): optimize the automatic leadership rotation mechanism, increase the node reputation system, improve the transaction confirmation speed and the stability of the blockchain.

3. Block-STM parallel execution: Aptos has designed an efficient, multi-threaded parallel execution engine to improve the efficiency of transaction execution.

Compared with other public chains, Aptos adopts the BFT consensus mechanism and the technological innovation of parallel computing to achieve better performance of the public chain. Currently, Aptos claims to be able to process more than 10,000 transactions per second, and ideally, 160,000 transactions in the future.

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Aptos Ecology

With over 20 million APT airdrops, will Aptos lead the new trend of public chains ecosystem

Before the mainnet goes online, the Aptos public chain has more than 100 projects built and tested in its ecosystem, including many well-known projects including Pontem Network, Martian Wallet and Solrise Finance. The types of projects cover DeFi, NFT, games Wait for the track.

At the same time, Aptos also officially has Aptos Labs, which mainly focuses on building infrastructure on the Aptos network. The Petra wallet and the official function variable name service Aptos Name Service are two products built by the Aptos Labs team. Whether it is early ecological project support or official construction, a rich and dynamic ecosystem has been laid for the mainnet launch of Aptos in advance, completing the rapid start of the Aptos ecosystem.

According to data from Aptos Explorer, as of October 24, the transaction volume on the Aptos chain has exceeded 10 million, the active staking volume is 822,337,145.54 APTs, and there are 102 active validators.

With over 20 million APT airdrops, will Aptos lead the new trend of public chains

With a luxurious team configuration, excellent underlying technology, breakthrough transaction throughput, and the investment of a group of top capital, Aptos quickly became a traffic public chain. With the launch of its mainnet, the Aptos public chain also announced the distribution details of its native token APT. The total amount of APT is 1 billion, with 51.02% allocated to the community, 16.5% to the foundation, and 19% to core contributors, 13.48% are allocated to investors, of which more than 82% of the tokens are in a staked state. APT will be used for Aptos on-chain governance, network fees and validator staking.

With over 20 million APT airdrops, will Aptos lead the new trend of public chains coinex

At present, the Aptos token APT was launched on the digital asset trading platform CoinEx on October 21, and the spot trading pairs of APT/BTC and APT/USDT are open. Welcome to experience it!

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