What is IronX Exchange of IronFX?

A guide for IRX token holders. The new era of crypto trading begins here.

The IronX Exchange is a joint project between the IronFX Group, which has various awards, and the Emurgo HK Group, the founder of the Cardano blockchain project.

The main purpose of the IronX project is to provide the flexibility and convenience of existing trading platforms and combine them with the latest technologies in the field of blockchain.

The currency that will be the main pillar of IronX is the IRX token.

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What is IRX (IronX) token?

IRX is an ERC-20 utility token system.

The token’s private sale was held from June 20, 2018 to August 30, 2018.

A total of 67,691,787 were sold during the private sale, set at $0.33 per token, exceeding $22 million.

After a successful private sale, 82,308,213 IRX tokens are currently being sold as public sale (ICO) for $0.42 per token.

This ICO will start on November 1, 2018 and will only be held for a limited time.

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How IRX tokens operate within the IronX ecosystem?

IRX serves as the base currency for all transaction fees on IronX exchanges.

Let’s look at the additional benefits of IRX tokens.

Token holders can pay various fees on the exchange with IRX.

When paying with IRX tokens, you can enjoy discounts of 50%, 30%, and 10% for each commission during the operation period of 1, 2, and 3 years.

IRX token contributors are provided with additional service discounts.

Services include account management, market updates, and marketing bonuses.

Spread discounts will also be offered for traded products using IRX.

IronX Exchange plans to provide a variety of incentives for portfolio trading, as well as benefits for transaction performance and cost.

IronX will provide a virtual server (VPS) free of charge to token holders and will provide it with a superuser access level.

Token holders can issue IronFX cards for free and open VIP accounts at no additional cost.

If you pay transaction fees with IRX tokens, you will receive an additional benefit from IronFX Group’s official partner commission.

IronX Exchange plans to provide additional rewards with IRX tokens to customers with high trading volumes.

IRX token holders can open an IRX base currency account through the IronFX Group.

Convenient deposits and withdrawals are possible using IRX tokens.

IronX guarantees hassle-free liquidity through the compatibility of the cryptocurrency account of the IronX exchange and the trading account of IronFX.

The industry’s best banks and payment systems, the know-how accumulated from operations (1.2 million online retail customers), and the outstanding operational efficiency of the IronFX Group, which has multi-regulatory licenses, will differentiate it from other exchanges.

The IronX Exchange is under the supervision of the Estonian Financial Intelligence Agency and will provide free deposit and withdrawal functions via both fiat and cryptocurrency.

It is also currently under license acquisition in Gibraltar and Malta.

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What does IronX ecosystem do for you?

IronX Exchange aims to address some of the major problems and flaws that cryptocurrency trading is passing through today.

While the digital currency market is booming, for existing traders who do not yet have a cryptocurrency wallet, IronX has reduced entry barriers and fees and maximized efficiency by incorporating the latest technologies from IronFX Group and EmurgoHK.

In this post, we want to show you how various market participants are taking advantage of IronX’s unique ecosystem.

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1. Those who are new to the cryptocurrency market

Traders who are new to cryptocurrency trading can use fiat to trade various coins.

This will enable millions of first-time traders to seamlessly add cryptocurrency trading to their portfolios apart from trading traditional financial instruments.

By providing novice traders easy access to the digital currency market, IronX Exchange will increase the liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.

Although blockchain technology has many possibilities, investors are still skeptical of virtual assets due to a lack of knowledge, regulatory complexity, and high barriers to entry.

Most exchanges don’t offer the ability to exchange between digital currencies and fiat, so access can be difficult.

IronX not only has broken these barriers but will also provide fast withdrawals through links with top-notch cryptocurrency-friendly banking institutions.

Through large-scale changes, virtual assets will gradually move away from the image of unfamiliar investment options and the market will grow.

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2. Existing Cryptocurrency Trader

The ease of trading leads to high trading volumes, which is welcome news from existing traders.

Slippage and late orders will be reduced.

IronX Exchange will provide you with the low correlation assets available on the IronFX trading platform and will provide you with higher opportunities than normal leveraged trading.

Existing traders will be able to diversify their portfolios.

As both the IronX Exchange and the IronFX Group have the same back office and funding department, the time-consuming separate KYC/AML operations will be reduced.

IronX’s highly-trained customer support team will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat and customer support hotline in over 30 languages.

IronX will create an environment where you can trade with confidence through high-level security functions and frequent audits through a third-party security audit organization.

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3. ICO company

ICO companies will be able to request a listing of their platform coins on the IronX Exchange.

A specially formed advisory committee will review these requests.

Through the voting process, an extensive survey of various factors including the company’s business model, token utility, profitability, etc. is conducted.

Companies that meet the necessary criteria will also be able to pay registration fees through IRX tokens.

If fees are paid with IRX tokens, you will receive a discount when using the exchange.

Additionally, these token holders will enjoy additional benefits such as market updates, personal account management, and marketing bonuses.

IronX is fully licensed and supervised by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Agency and is preparing to acquire Gibraltar and Malta licenses.

Through this, IronX will provide an environment in which all investors can trade safely and comfortably.

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Partners of IronX Exchange

The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market was $17.7 billion as of January 1, 2017.

The aggregate market capitalization until January 7, 2018, is estimated at $795 million, and by November 19, 2018, it is estimated to be approximately $150 billion.

In the previous section, we looked at the growth prospects of the crypto market in 2020.

This volatility provides multiple trading opportunities and increases the number of traders on the crypto market.

What traders need now will be a transparent and properly regulated exchange that offers flexibility, liquidity, and convenience.

IronX has partnered with experts in specific fields and major institutions to implement these exchanges.

In this section, we will take a look at IronX’s partners, a global cryptocurrency exchange.

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1. IronFX Group

The IronFX Group has won many global awards so far as a leader in global online trading.

It has a state-of-the-art system capable of trading more than 200 financial products through more than 10 platforms.

IronFX is licensed by the UK FCA, Australia ASIC, South Africa FSCA and Cyprus CySEC and is subject to rigorous supervision.

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2. EmurgoHK Group

Founded in 2017, EmurgoHK Group, as a global leader in blockchain technology, has not only invented the Cardano blockchain protocol, but has achieved great success with its own ADA coin.

ADA Coin is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market cap (CoinMarketCap) and can be traded on IronX.

EmurgoHK is a corporation dedicated to the development, support and establishment of commercial partnerships by integrating with the Cardano decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

IronX is investment-oriented and investing in startup projects and are a partner who wants to capitalize on the potential of blockchain technology.

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3. Smart Logic Technology

Smart Logic provides consulting services that can improve blockchain-based activities.

Smart Logic is an advisor of the IronX Exchange platform and a cooperative partner that will advance the functions of the exchange.

IronX plans to contribute to the development of an ecosystem-based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) licenses.

The Smart Logic team has been involved in successful projects such as STOX, one of the highest-grossing ICOs in 2017.

In addition, VINchain, CEDEX, CRYPTALGO, and Coti projects were carried out.

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4. PumaPay

PumaPay has been developed to simplify daily deposit and withdrawal processing by combining existing deposit and withdrawal methods and blockchain technology, and you can use virtual currency in online and offline deposit and withdrawal methods.

PumaPay is revolutionizing the way vendors use business.

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5. CoinAdmin

CoinAdmin provides a convenient and safe software solution for ICO.

It has been successfully used in various projects and provides smart contracts based on ERC-20 and ERC-223.

It is designed to allow users to easily organize pages while providing various security options, customer outreach, call convenience, and other features.

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Estonian Authority Approves IronX’s Virtual Currency Trading License

IronX will be an appropriately regulated cryptocurrency exchange approved by the Estonia FIU in September 2018.

This is important to the exchange that is about to launch, and it provides a more comfortable and safer trading environment for beginners and professional traders.

IronX is now preparing licenses for Gibraltar and Malta.

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Why Estonian?

Estonia is one of the first countries to actively adopt blockchain technology.

The digital ID system, which started in 2008, reflects blockchain technology.

Since 2012, the Estonian government has begun to apply blockchain technology to medical, security, legislative, judicial, and administrative processing as well as commercial transaction systems.

At the time of 2011, Estonia was in the lowest income group among EU countries.

However, in 2018, after 7 years, it has grown into a global blockchain powerhouse.

Against this backdrop, favorable regulations for startups and startups related to cryptocurrency or blockchain, or the atmosphere of a pro-virtual currency with tax laws are also adding a role.

In addition, the Estonian regulatory authorities are cooperating and adding convenience to companies and experts in the field.

IronX was chosen as the first licensed country due to Estonia’s aggressive and blockchain-inclusive nature.

In addition, Estonia is moving toward a quality legal system and better regulation.

In December 2017, Estonia introduced Estocoin, a token issued by the government.

It is the second country after Venezuela.

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Invest in Crypto with IronX today

The upcoming IronX cryptocurrency exchange is a joint venture between the IronFX Group, a global online trading leader that has been recognized for its various awards, and the EmurgoHK Group that invented the Cardano blockchain.

Smart Logic Technology is responsible for the operation and advisory of the exchange.

PumaPay has been developed to simplify daily deposit and withdrawal processing by combining existing deposit and withdrawal methods and blockchain technology, and you can use virtual currency in online and offline deposit and withdrawal methods.

Discover the full list and advantages of IronX Exchange Partners.

IronX allows deposit and withdrawal using cryptocurrency wallets as well as conventional deposit and withdrawal methods.

In addition, IronX provides 24/7 customer support in over 30 languages.

IronX aims to provide better services by combining the latest blockchain technology in addition to the flexibility and convenience built into the existing platform.

IronX cryptocurrency exchange customers will be able to seamlessly transfer their crypto accounts to IronFX’s online trading platform to trade, and Emurgo HK Group will secure liquidity within the exchange by listing ADA coins on the IronX exchange.

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