Binance App Integrates Venus Protocol Mini Program to Open Decentralized Lending Function

Binance, the world’s leading provider of crypto assets and blockchain infrastructure , announced today that it has embedded the Venus Protocol applet, a DeFi project, marking the first time the Binance App (iOS and Android) has integrated decentralized lending functionality.

Venus Protocol is currently the leading decentralized currency market protocol on BNB Chain. The launch of its mini program on the Binance App will provide Binance users with more exploration experience in the DeFi world.

The Venus Protocol applet provides Binance users with a seamless decentralized lending experience. Binance users can directly click to jump to the Venus Protocol applet on the Binance App interface. They can experience Venus seamlessly without exiting the app or switching platforms. Various features and benefits of Protocol.

Venus Protocol is the second DeFi project listed on Binance App. In March this year, the first DeFi project PancakeSwap Mini Program entered the Binance ecosystem.

Binance users can access the Venus Protocol applet through the Binance DeFi Wallet in the latest version of the Binance App. Binance DeFi Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized Web3 wallet. Its main functions include creating DeFi wallets, transferring money, and using DApps such as PancakeSwap and Venus Protocol.

Binance DeFi Wallet is specially designed to help new users get started and transfer money. Users can easily switch between Binance and DeFi wallets without selecting a specific blockchain or copying and pasting wallet addresses.

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About Binance Mini Program Market

The Binance Marketplace provides DApps outside the Binance system with the opportunity to be embedded in the Binance ecosystem. Users can seamlessly experience decentralized applications outside the Binance ecosystem by accessing the centralized application Binance. Through the embedded function of the applet, Binance will be built as a super app, providing users with a one-stop experience.

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About Binance DeFi Wallet

Binance DeFi Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized Web3 wallet in the Binance mobile app, where users can create DeFi wallets, transfer funds and use DApps directly in the Binance mobile app. Currently, the wallet is limited to transfers to and from the Binance spot wallet – it does not require copying, pasting and checking wallet addresses, and users can transfer or deposit directly from the Binance spot wallet.

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About Venus Protocol

Venus Protocol is a fast and low-cost decentralized lending platform on BNB Chain. The essence of Venus is a money market protocol. Users can earn income by providing loans, or apply for loans using XVS tokens and multiple other currencies as margin.

Venus differs from other money market protocols in that users can not only lend in the form of crypto assets, but also use excess margin (pegged to a basket of cryptocurrencies) to mint synthetic stablecoins, providing an extra layer of protection for the protocol.

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