bybit Create Grid Bots to Earn NFTs and Share a 2,000 USDT Prize Pool

Try Bybit’s high performance and automated Grid Bots

High-yield, fully automatic grid robot is launched on Bybit.

Smart grid bots are ready to help you execute trades 24/7. You can run and manage grid bots anytime, anywhere, and easily capture the profit opportunities brought about by price fluctuations.

Online starter! Just try out the Smart Grid Robot now and stand a chance to get NFT and 20 USDT cash rewards!

This campaign runs from 24 Jun 2022 14:00 (UTC) to 4 Jul 2022 14:00 (UTC).

The top 10 users who complete the following tasks at the earliest every day will receive 20 USDT each. In addition, 5 lucky koi will be born out of every 100 users to get an exclusive Tap Fantasy NFT!

Go to Bybit Official Website

Complete the following steps to win the grand prize:

Step 1: Create at least one grid robot

Go to the Grid Robots page and click “Create Now” to create your first robot!

Create an order, invest at least 200 USDT with the bot, and keep the bot running for at least 24 hours!

Step 2: Share the grid bot on Twitter

Save a screenshot of your gridbot, tweet it and share it with your friends!

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #BybitSpotGrid and follow Bybit’s official Twitter account by visiting here .

Step 3: Join Discord’s “Tradingbot” channel

Next, head over to Discord and click here to join the Tradingbot channel.

Step 4: Fill out the Google Form

After completing all the steps above, remember to fill out the Google form below for a chance to win a reward.

The event ends at 14:00 (UTC) on July 4, 2022, and rewards (if any) will be distributed to eligible winners seven (7) business days after the event ends.

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