MEXC Trade Mining - Trade to Mine 7,000,000 Popcoin (POPCOIN)

To celebrate the launch of Popcoin (POPCOIN) on MEXC, the project team will host a Trading Mining event exclusively for MEXC users.

A total of 7,000,000 POPCOIN will be raffled off.

The total prize pool is distributed equally for each day of the event period.

Users can trade POPCOIN to share the daily prize pool of 3,500,000 POPCOIN in proportion to the total amount of POPCOIN traded per day.

01/18/2023, 19:00 – 01/19/2023, 18:59: Share of 50% (3,500,000 POPCOIN) of the total prize pool.

01/19/2023, 19:00 – 01/20/2023, 18:59: A share of the remaining 50% (3,500,000 POPCOIN) of the total prize pool.

The effective trading volume will be calculated from 19:00 (UTC) to 18:59 (UTC) daily.

Rewards will be calculated daily and issued to the user’s account the next day at 11:00 (UTC).

Daily calculation of rewards:

Daily rewards for each user = (daily trading volume of each user / daily trading volume of all users) * daily prize pool

For example:

Suppose User A trades 1000 POPCOIN per day, the total trading volume of all participants is 100,000 POPCOIN, and the daily prize pool is 3,500,000 POPCOIN,

Daily reward for user A = (1000/100,000) * 3,500,000 POPCOIN = 35,000 POPCOIN

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