KuCoin - What's now?

We are no longer promoting KuCoin. The information regarding to KuCoin on the website 'cryptoarmy.io' maybe outdated.ref. KuCoin

This February, KuCoin is going to give away “Lamborghini Huracan” to the trader with the largest trading volume.

The contest is sponsored by Revain and will close on February 22nd so hurry up to sign up!

In the KuCoin’s official website, they will list up 1 to 1000 traders in order of the highest trading volume.

*The calculation includes both buys & sells during the competition period.

Then, the number one trader in the ranking will get the “Lamborghini Huracan Coupe”.

The contest runs from February 12th to 22nd 2018.

The last 2 weeks have been very busy at the People’s Exchange.

There is that Lamborghini Huracan Coupe up for grabs, and many new tokens that got listed.

21 New Tokens join the Kucoin Exchange the last 2 weeks

  • Hawala.Today (HAT)
  • BOScoin (BOS)​
  • AdBank (ADB)
  • MedicalChain (MTN)​
  • Iungo (ING)​
  • eBitcoin (eBTC)
  • High Performance Blockchain (HPB)​
  • CargoX (CXO)​
  • Loci (LOCI)​
  • Alphacat (ACAT)​
  • aXpire (AXP)​
  • Centra (CTR)​
  • Pareto Network (PARETO)​
  • Hacken (HKN)​
  • Restart Energy (MWAT)​
  • CoinMeet (MEE)​

KuCoin has been very active these days. Check out their new services!