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CEX IO welcomes Cardano (ADA)

In December 2019, CEX IO kicked off a new market on their trading platform, Cardano (ADA).

You can trade ADA/USD on CEX IO or purchase ADA with your Visa or MasterCard.

Soon, CEX IO will extend the ADA market with new pairs to provide you with even more trading opportunities.

Withdrawals will be enabled on December 13.

Invest with Cardano (ADA)

What is Cardano?

Here are a few highlights of the Cardano project:

  • А blockchain that can be easily upgraded by soft forks, because of the separation of the transactional and computational level.
  • A protocol considering the needs of regulators and privacy of users.
  • А strong team of engineers and researchers adhering to strict development standards and code examination.
  • А high level of transparency resulting in monthly reports and independent audits.

You can read more about Cardano in CEX IO’s blog.

Note: Please be informed that Cardano (ADA) is currently available to all non-US residents only.

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USDC market is enabled

Christmas comes early this year and CEX IO has prepared a present for you.

The brand-new USD Coin (USDC) market is live starting in December 2019.

Now, you can deposit USDC, trade it for USD, or purchase USDC using your Visa/MasterCard.

Later on, CEX IO will add more USDC pairs to expand your trading options.

Withdrawals will be enabled on December 20.

Invest in USDC market

What is USDC, the USD Coin?

USDC is an ERC-20 token and a stablecoin, meaning 1 USDC is pegged to 1 US dollar.

Being a cryptocurrency, USDC doesn’t require holders to have a bank account or to reside in a certain country.

At the same time, it allows you to send and receive the value of USD worldwide fast and at a low cost.

Along with USDT, it brings extra mobility in transferring funds between exchanges and practicing arbitrage.

*CEX IO doesn’t guarantee that the value of USDC is equal to the value of USD. Please study this stablecoin on your own before making any investment or trading decisions.

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