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Comparison of Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers

Looking for a broker to trade Bitcoin?

In 2024, there are hundreds of brokers and exchanges where you can trade Bitcoin (either Bitcoin CFD or physical Bitcoin).

Many brokers promote their zero commission trading and many other advantages of trading Bitcoin though, it is only making it difficult to choose the actual right ones to trade Bitcoin.

For such investors, we have done the research for you.

We have reviewed all the best and the most popular brokers where you can trade Bitcoin, to define which brokers are actually the best choices for investors.

Out of hundreds of services, we have chosen 9 brokers that are the most popular and offer the best conditions here.

Crypto Brokers Bitcoin Spread Max Leverage Swap Costs Trading Session
XM From $39 (No Commission) 1:250 None 24/7
EXNESS From $58.2 (No Commission) 1:400 (Limited to 1:200 on weekends) None 24/7
AltumBrokers From $1.75 (No Commission) 1:500 Charged 24/7
FBS $30 (No Commission) 1:5 Charged 24/7
FXPro $50 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7 $99 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7
IC Markets $9 (No Commission) 1:200 Charged 24/7
Axi $40 (No Commission) 1:100 Charged 24/7
eToro $200 (No Commission) 1:2 Charged 24/7

You may already know all of these services.

These are the best Bitcoin trading brokers in 2024, and also the most popular by volume and the number of traders in 2024.

Now, let’s look into the top 3 brokers to trade Bitcoin out of these services.

Top 3 Ranking – The Best and Most Popular Bitcoin Brokers

The number one broker to trade Bitcoin is AltumBrokers.

The growing broker, AltumBrokers offers the MT5 platform with various Cryptocurrency pairs.

With AltumBrokers, you can trade Bitcoin with up to 1:500 high leverage and the lowest trading cost possible in the market.

Go to AltumBrokers’ Official Website

The second best broker to trade Bitcoin is EXNESS.

In fact, EXNESS is the largest Cryptocurrency broker in the world in 2024 by volume.

With EXNESS, you can trade various rare Cryptocurrency pairs with up to 1:400 leverage.

There is no swap point (swap cost) when trading Cryptocurrency pairs with EXNESS. This means that you can hold positions (both buy and sell positions) for the long term with no extra cost.

Go to EXNESS’s Official Website

The third best broker to trade Bitcoin is XM.

XM had stopped offering Cryptocurrency pairs due to liquidity problem last year, and in 2024, it has relaunched the service again.

Now with XM, you can trade a number of Cryptocurrency pairs with up to 1:250 high leverage.

Just like Exness, XM also offers swap-free trading condition for all Cryptocurrency pairs.

The swap-free condition is available for all traders of XM and Exness regardless traders’ religions.

Go to XM’s Official Website

1. AltumBrokers

In 2024, AltumBrokers remains to be the best broker to trade Bitcoin (BTCUSD).

The main reasons is the low trading cost and the high leverage.

With AltumBrokers, you can trade Bitcoin (BTCUSD) at the lowest trading cost.

By trading Bitcoin with AltumBrokers, you can save a lot of money.

Traders who want to take advantage of AltumBrokers’ high leverage and Bitcoin’s high volatility, the trading condition cannot be better at somewhere else.

Another advantage of AltumBrokers’ Bitcoin trading is the stability of Bitcoin spread (difference bid and ask prices).

Unlike other brokers’ unstable Bitcoin spread, AltumBrokers’ Bitcoin spread remains at the lowest the most of the time.

With other brokers, you need to keep in mind that the spread changes greatly every second, that can lead to a larget cost of trading.

AltumBrokers is also the broker that offers the highest leverage for Bitcoin trading.

With up to 1:500 (with no limitation during the weekend), you have a possibility to increase your profit with a small amount of margin.

Trade Bitcoin with AltumBrokers

2. Exness

Trading Bitcoin is made easier with EXNESS.

Through EXNESS’s mobile app, you can trade various Cryptocurrency pairs including the BTCUSD at anytime and anywhere.

The main advantage of Bitcoin trading on EXNESS’s platforms is the swap-free condition.

With EXNESS, you don’t have to pay for swap points (overnight financing fees) at all while trading positions.

On EXNESS’s platforms, you can open positions on Cryptocurrency pairs and hold them as long as you want with absolutely zero cost.

EXNESS also offers a high leverage up to 1:400 for Cryptocurrency trading that will support you to maintain positions during volatile seasons.

EXNESS is actually the largest CFD broker by volume in 2024.

There are currently more Cryptocurrency traders with EXNESS than any other brokers.

Invest in BTCUSD with EXNESS

3. XM

XM had been a popular venue to trade Cryptocurrency CFDs few years ago until it had stopped offering the products due to liquidity issues.

In 2024, XM has re-started offering Cryptocurrency pairs again with 1:250 high leverage.

Not only the leverage is high on all Cryptocurrency pairs, but XM’s main advantage is also the swap-free condition.

Exness and XM are the only brokers that offer swap-free trading condition on Cryptocurrency pairs with no limit.

XM also guarantees no re-quotes for all orders.

With XM, you can trade in high volatile markets with 100% certainty of order execution.

XM offers BTCUSD, BTCEUR, BTCGBP and about 30 more Cryptocurrency pairs.

Invest in Bitcoin with XM

AltumBrokers offers the highest Bitcoin Leverage

If you want to increase your Bitcoin trading volume, then AltumBrokers offers the optimal trading condition.

No other broker offers a high leverage of 1:500 like AltumBrokers, even major Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bybit.

With AltumBrokers, you can increase your Bitcoin trading volume by 1:500 and it has no restrictions during weekends either.

While offering the high leverage, AltumBrokersalso supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection) that ensures that investors do not lose more than they deposit.

The maximum loss in the account of AltumBrokersis always limited to the total account balance.

This means that you can increase your trading volume by 500 times while making sure that the loss is limited to the account balance and the profit amount is unlimited.

Note that a high leverage involves a certain risk.

Before start trading with a high leverage of AltumBrokers, you must be fully aware of, and understand, the specific characteristics and risks related to trading in these products.

Trade with AltumBrokers’ 1:500 High Leverage

AltumBrokers offers the Lowest (and most stable) Spread on Bitcoin

In terms of the spread, AltumBrokers‘s spread is kept at the lowest in the market.

On AltumBrokers’ MT5 platform, the spread (the difference between bid and ask prices) is only $1.75.

There is no hidden cost or extra commissions charged by AltumBrokers, so $1.75 is only the cost you need to cover when you buy and sell 1 Bitcoin on the MT5.

Due to Bitcoin’s nature, the high volatility, the spread is normally kept high on many brokers’ platforms, but AltumBrokers achieves to keep it at the lowest by using its ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology.

AltumBrokers’ Bitcoin is also kept very stable.

While trading with other brokers, you can see that the spread of Bitcoin is highly variable. It can change from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars in a second.

That is also one hidden cost that you need to be aware of, but with AltumBrokers, you can see that the spread is kept at $1.75 at the most of times.

Trade Bitcoin with AltumBrokers

No KYC is required to trade with AltumBrokers

To start trading Cryptocurrency pairs including Bitcoin (BTCUSD) on AltumBrokers, you don’t need to provide any documents like an ID or POA (Proof of Address).

You can make a deposit with Cryptocurrencies to AltumBrokers, and then start trading immediately through the MT5 or mobile app.

Credit Card deposit will be available soon for AltumBrokers traders.

How can this be an advantage for traders?

As majority of brokers require KYC process (that is an account verification with documents), you normally need to submit a copy of your ID, POA and most likely a bank statement or other questionaires.

And when you make a deposit, you also need to prove the source of the fund which can be extra few days before start trading.

With AltumBrokers, you can open an account today, make a deposit and start trading immediately with no extra work.

Start trading immediately with AltumBrokers

Convert Cryptocurrencies with no commission on AltumBrokers

To support traders with fund management, AltumBrokers now offers Cryptocurrency Converter with no cost.

Log in to AltumBrokers’ client portal and you can convert your Cryptocurrencies to others instantly.

This AltumBrokers’ Cryptocurrency converter will help you with risk management too.

While you can hold your funds in USDT (Tether) which is pegged to the USD fiat currency, you can also hold your funds in BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), ADA (Cardano), BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and XRP (Ripple).

With AltumBrokers, you can avoid commissiosn when converting your Cryptocurrencies.

Open AltumBrokers’ Crypto Wallet

The advanced MT5 for AltumBrokers traders

AltumBrokers does not offer a MT4 platform to trade Cryptocurrency pairs, but the advanced MT5 platforms.

AltumBrokers is also getting ready to launch its own mobile app which will be available for traders very soon.

With AltumBrokers’ MT5, you can not only use all the existing tools of MT4, but also more advanced trading tools and flexibility.

By logging into AltumBrokers’ MT5, you can see the real-time spread of Bitcoin and how stable their spreads are.

For traders who are still not ready to invest in Bitcoin, AltumBrokers also offers a Demo MT5 account with which traders can experience a real-like trading environment with no real risks.

For traders who are ready to invest in Bitcoin, you can now claim AltumBrokers’ deposit bonuses to boost your trading along with the 1:500 high leverage.

Open AltumBrokers’ MT5 trading account

Exness is the largest CFD broker in the world in 2024

Exness is the second popular arena to invest in Cryptocurrencies.

With Exness, you can trade Cryptocurrency pairs with up to 1:400 high leverage with absolutely zero swap point.

Exness’s swap-free Cryptocurrency trading condition is the main reason the broker is attracting many traders to the platform.

Exness in fact is the largest CFD broker in the world by volume in 2024.

Exness’s unlimited leverage for Forex market has been a great factor to achieve that this year and it continues to grow throughout the world.

Exness has offices all over the world and organizes various events in local cities.

Just like other large CFD brokers, you cn trust Exness as your Cryptocurrency broker.


Trade with no swap cost forever with Exness

Exness is one of a few CFD broker that offer Cryptocurrency trading with no swap points.

When trading Cryptocurrency pairs (CFDs), the cost that you need to cover for overnight positions (positions that are held to the next day) is called swap point.

It is the inevitable interest rate that you need to cover when trading any CFDs with brokers unless your religion is Muslim and the broker offers an Islamic swap-free account.

In the case of Exness, you can trade Cryptocurrency pairs with no swap cost regardless of your religion.

With Exness, you can hold positions on any Cryptocurrency pairs of any volume for as long as you want with no extra charges.

For example, if you buy 5 Bitcoin on Exness’s platform and hold the position for 3 months, you pay zero swap points.

Exness’s this condition is a great advantage for traders who want to trade long-term such as swing traders.

Trade with no swap point on Exness

Many rare Cryptocurrencies on Exness MT4 and MT5

With Exness, you can trade a number of many rare Cryptocurrency pairs such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTCUSD), (BTCKRW), (BTCJPY)
  • Litecoin (LTCUSD)
  • Ethereum (ETHUSD)
  • Ripple (XRPUSD)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSD)
  • Solana (SOLUSD)
  • Synthetix (SNXUSD)
  • Uniswap (UNIUSD)
  • Basic Attention Token (BATUSD)
  • Polkadot (DOTUSD)
  • Tezos (XTZUSD)
  • Cardano (ADAUSD)
  • Binance Coin (BNBUSD)
  • Enjin Coin (ENJUSD)
  • FileCoin (FILUSD)
  • Dogecoin (DOGEUSD)
  • Compound (COMPUSD)
  • Theta (THETAUSD)
  • Aave (AAVEUSD)
  • Chainlink (LINKUSD)
  • PancakeSwap (CAKEUSD)
  • Polygon (MATICUSD)
  • Huobi Token (HTUSD)
  • Decentraland (MANAUSD)
  • Hedera Hashgraph (HBARUSD)
  • 1inch (1INCHUSD)

The list of available Cryptocurrency pairs is expanding.

If you want to request Exness to add more cryptocurrency pairs, then you can also tell them your request and they might listen.

All of the above Cryptocurrency pairs are available with the same condition that is leverage 1:400 and swap-free.

Invest in Cryptocurrency pairs with Exness

Download Exness’s all-in-one mobile app

Exness has its own all-in-one mobile app.

With Exness’s mobile app, you can manage your account, trades and also get updated on the latest news.

You can make a deposit directly through Exness’s mobile app too.

The award winning mobile app is the ultimate trading tool for Cryptocurrency traders.

If you will be trading with Exness, you are recommended to download the app and log in, so that you can know and manage your account at any time and anywhere in the world.

From account opening to trading, everything can be done through your mobile phone.

To download Exness’s mobile app for free, go to the official website of Exness to find the direct links.

Download Exness’s mobile app for free

Be an Exness Premier Member for exclusive events

If you deposit a large amount to your account and trade a certain volume, you can become Exness’s Premier member.

Premier Membership is the membership program designed for the most active and loyal customers, offering members a variety of exclusive privileges.

As an Exness premier, you will be invited to their exclusive events for 5 star experiences all over the world.

  • Gold Level – Unlock your exclusive membership experience and discover exclusive benefits – customer service priority treatment, expert transaction analysis and exclusive events.
  • Platinum Level – Enjoy all the benefits of Gold level, and have a dedicated account manager to provide you with timely and personalized support to meet all your needs as a premium customer.
  • Crystal Diamond Level – Crystal Diamond is the pinnacle of exclusive membership. The Diamond tier not only includes all the benefits of Gold and Platinum tiers, but also offers first-class networking opportunities, direct communication with our C-level executives, and exclusive trading conditions.

As the most senior member of the Premier Membership program, you not only enjoy all the benefits of Gold and Platinum levels, but also enjoy first-class networking opportunities, direct communication with the Chief Level Managers, and exclusive trading conditions.

Sign up to become Exness Premier

XM relaunches Cryptocurrency pairs with 1:250 leverage

XM has relaunched Cryptocurrency products in 2024.

Now with 1:250 high leverage, you can enter the Cryptocurrency market with dynamic market interactions.

Previously, XM handled only 5 types of virtual currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XRP, but with the resumption of CFD for virtual currencies, 31 types of handling pairs including niche brands have been added.


Invest in Bitcoin with XM

Trade with absolutely swap-free condition with XM

XM‘s virtual currency CFD is swap-free. Swap-free makes it easier to hold long-term positions such as swing trading in virtual currencies.

Swap points occur when you hold a position across days. Many people have the impression that swap points are profitable by the word “swap investment”, but swap points also occur as a minus.

If you own a stock with negative swap points, you will be collected daily for the negative swap points.

Since XM’s virtual currency CFD is swap-free, you can trade without considering the cost of swap points.

Trade with no swap point on XM

XM’s 10 years of excellence

With XM, you can trade various stocks other than the virtual currency CFD.

XM has 57 types of currency pairs, 8 types of commodities, 14 types of stock indexes, 2 types of precious metals, and 5 types of energy CFDs.

With the addition of cryptocurrency CFDs, a wider range of transactions will be possible.

XM has a reputation for being one of the best in the industry for its rich trading environment and abundant bonus campaigns.

Invest in Bitcoin with XM

Why trade Bitcoin CFD?

Cryptocurrency CFD (Contract For Difference) is a contract for difference transaction for crypto assets.

The reason why crypto asset CFD is said to be similar to FX is that both FX and crypto asset CFD are one of the contracts for difference. Since both are contract for difference transactions, leveraged transactions are possible.

Leverage can be traded up to 500 times, so it is possible to aim for large profits even with small transactions.

Cryptocurrency CFD has the following three merits.

  • You can aim for a large amount of return with a small amount of money
  • Trading is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Aim for profit both when rising and when falling
Aim for a large amount of return with a small amount of money
Cryptocurrency CFDs can be leveraged, so even if you have a small amount of money, you can aim for a large amount of return. Therefore, in crypto asset CFD, there is a chance to earn more in a short time. It can be said that the greatest merit of crypto asset CFD is that it can be leveraged.
Trading is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Cryptocurrency CFDs can be traded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can make money anytime. Leverage is possible with financial products such as stocks and foreign exchange, but stocks are traded only at specific times. However, crypto assets CFD can be traded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so even busy people can trade (but be careful as you cannot trade during system maintenance hours).
Aim for profit both when rising and when falling
Normally, when it comes to physical trading, it is common to lose money when it falls, but leveraged trading may be able to aim for profits not only when it rises but also when it falls. Like stocks, you trade with the expectation that the price will go down or go up, so if you aim for the timing, you can make a profit even when the price goes down. If you can get the hang of it and become a person who can read future trends, you will have more opportunities to trade.

Difference from Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The brokers we have introduced in this article (AltumBrokers, Exness and XM) are CFD brokers but not Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

A Cryptocurrency Exchange is where you buy and sell actual Cryptocurrencies to hold them.

List of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Then you may stake them to earn interest, buy NFTs, use to pay for some services and more.

CFD brokers offer a different type of service.

With CFD brokers, you make profit (or loss if the market moves against your order) by the movement of market prices.

CFD brokers’ services are suited for traders who want to earn by taking advantage of volatile Cryptocurrency market prices.

List of CFD Brokers

Loss is limited for CFD traders

Keep in mind that the image that leverage is easy to make is wrong and can result in significant losses.

Anyone who can make a big profit with a small amount of money will do it. Keep in mind that some leveraged traders lose.

You can make a bigger profit than a physical transaction, but you should definitely keep in mind that you can lose more than a physical profit.

Especially beginners think that it will be profitable and tend to spend a large amount of money, but since it is a high risk, let’s start with a small amount.

With brokers like AltumBrokers, Exness and XM above, you can make sure that the maximum loss is limited to the total account balance.

As they support NBP (Negative Balance Protection), they make sure that the loss is limited and never exceed the total account balance.

This means that if due to high volatility in Bitcoin market, your loss exceeds the account balance thus the balance is negative (after stop out), these brokers will fix the balance to zero so you can start again with a new deposit.

Things to know before trading bitcoin

Since it was first unveiled 11 years ago, Bitcoin has gradually become ubiquitous. Since the famous pizza deal in 2010, it has been used as currency and as a form of investment and a store of value for many who believe in its growth potential. It also led to the introduction of various linked financial assets such as Bitcoin futures. However, we have compiled a few key points for new users to know before investing in this cryptocurrency.

1. Accessibility

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Bitcoin is its accessibility. Unlike traditional financial markets, which are extremely exclusive, the benefits of this cryptocurrency are not reserved for the very wealthy. In fact, as long as you have an internet connection, you can buy your own bitcoins from various exchanges in just a few easy steps. Once you have Bitcoin, it is very easy to trade Bitcoin futures on Pemex.

2. Transparency

At the heart of Bitcoin is a blockchain or distribution-oriented ledger technology. This means that each transaction is recorded on a public ledger that everyone can see. When anyone sends or moves Bitcoin, that action is recorded and made public. What’s more, since this is done on a peer-to-peer basis, there are no third-party interventions and no hidden fees. If you can instantly send bitcoins to anyone in the world at a minimal cost, you will be saving a lot of resources for the transaction.

3. Anonymity

While no personal information is attached to the blockchain when a transaction is recorded, that does not mean that Bitcoin is completely anonymous. Bitcoin is not designed to reveal personal information. However, it should be remembered that external entities such as governments or hackers may have tools to identify you personally by linking your IP address or other information. Fortunately, additional measures are in place to enhance privacy.

4. Bubble

As many of you know, a bubble is a sudden rise in price in an unstable way. Bitcoin has been a victim of these effects in the past. Nevertheless, while many in the past predicted that cryptocurrencies would collapse after these bubbles burst, Bitcoin has rebounded every time it has been resilient.

5. Volatility

It is well known that Bitcoin is the most liquid asset in existence. The price swing continues, followed by rapid spikes and plunges. In just one day, its value can change to thousands of dollars. Of course, these changes are due to a number of external factors, such as supply and demand, market news, and global events. It is impossible to predict the price movement of Bitcoin with 100% accuracy, but if you study the trends carefully and learn your strategy, you can trade Bitcoin futures on derivatives exchanges like PEMEX to make a lasting profit. We hope these key points have been useful to you in your investment decision.