Binance 5YA event in Paris

Binance 5th Anniversary Community Meetup event tickets are now available for free!

Binance’s 5th Anniversary Community Meetup event will be held in Paris, France on July 8, 2022. Tickets for the event are now available on the Eventbrite website. At that time, Binance will hold a unique user meeting event to celebrate the brilliant achievements of the Binance community in the past 5 years. At the same time, there will be a series of discussions and speeches on the spot, and you will have the opportunity to watch Binance’s most outstanding innovations Speakers, Binance Angels, and some great presentations from familiar faces.

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How to get event tickets?

Tickets for the Binance 5th Anniversary Community Meetup event are now available for free on Binance’s Eventbrite page. To enter the event site, you must have a real-name ticket. Tickets cannot be lent to other people, and one ticket can only be used by one person.

If you are unable to attend the meet-and-greet event after receiving the ticket, please cancel the reservation in time. So others can join the community meetup events.

What are the highlights of the Binance 5th Anniversary Community Meetup event to look forward to?
As always, Binance’s community meetup events will provide you with the perfect opportunity to network, gain insights, and hold meetings. In addition, Binance would like to celebrate your achievements with Binance’s community meetup event in Paris. Binance is also giving the most loyal users and supporters a well-deserved accolade with the Binance 5th Anniversary Award. For more details on the awards process, please see the awards guide.

Specific information on the event venue will be directed to ticket holders. Event attendees can reach the event site through a variety of transportation options.

  • Paris Metro: There are many subway stations near the venue. The subway runs from 05:30 to 01:40 local time on Friday and Saturday. Metro tickets can be purchased at the station.
  • Taxi: Paris taxi service is very convenient. If you want to book a taxi service, you can do so through Uber or other apps.
  • If you prefer to drive there, there are multiple parking lots to choose from around the venue. However, we recommend that you use public transport whenever possible.

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