Enjoy Exclusive Perks with BTCC’s VIP Program

Become a BTCC VIP and unlock the door to a wealth of exclusive benefits including discounted trading fees, bonus coverage, fast withdrawals, dedicated account management, birthday gifts, BTCC merchandise, and more. As a VIP user, you will also enjoy priority services, speedy deposit and withdrawal services, and access to exclusive campaigns.

Interestingly, 57% of our users choose to upgrade to VIP2 immediately after registration, reflecting the immense value provided by this program.

Enjoy BTCC’s VIP Program

VIP Levels & Benefits

As a VIP member, your benefits will increase as you ascend the VIP ladder. VIP-exclusive campaigns and fee coverage through bonuses become available as soon as you reach VIP1. With VIP3 and above, you gain exclusive access to faster withdrawals, a dedicated account manager, special birthday gifts, and BTCC-branded merchandise.

VIP level-up brings significant discounts on trading fees, conversion fees, and withdrawal fees. As you ascend from VIP0 to VIP9, you’ll observe a steady decrease in your trading fee from 0.065% to 0.03%. Also, starting from VIP1, you can cover 50% of your fees using coupons, with this percentage increasing as you reach higher VIP levels.

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How to Upgrade your VIP Level

Upon registration, all users start as VIP0. You can upgrade to VIP1 simply by making a cumulative deposit of $200 USD or an equivalent amount in other cryptocurrencies. Subsequent VIP levels are automatically upgraded based on criteria involving your 30-day trade volume and account’s estimated total value.

Your 30-day trading volume includes your open and closed positions over the past 30 days, which comprises USDT-margined futures, coin-margined futures, and tokenized futures. The VIP page displays this in real time.

Enjoy BTCC’s VIP Program

Account Manager Services

Once you reach VIP3, you are entitled to a dedicated account manager. These managers organize exclusive campaigns for VIP users and provide priority access to the latest offers on the BTCC platform. They also prepare special gifts for users. It’s important to note that account managers are different from customer service specialists, although VIP users enjoy priority access to customer services, including VIP-only Live Chat.

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Upgrade Today

You deserve more. Make your deposits today and upgrade your VIP level. As a VIP, you are also privy to see VIP-specific deposit and withdrawal fee discounts.

Enjoy BTCC’s VIP Program

Transparent VIP Upgrade Ranking

In an effort to provide complete transparency, BTCC provides a VIP upgrade ranking system. This shows users’ 30-day trade volume and their current VIP levels. It serves as an incentive and a guide for those aiming to increase their VIP status.

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Terms & Conditions

VIP levels of the BTCC VIP program are upgraded automatically according to the requirements listed. VIP0 users will be upgraded to VIP1 immediately upon reaching a cumulative deposit amount of 200 USD or equivalent. VIP1 and above levels are upgraded automatically daily at 21:00 (UTC+0). Once upgraded, a user will not be downgraded. Fees for opening and closing each position are charged according to the user’s current VIP level. Note that there is no distinction between taker and maker fees on BTCC. These rules have been effective since 10 January 2023, 07:00 (UTC+0).

Join the BTCC VIP program today and experience a new level of trading privileges!

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