Are you looking to make a deposit and start trading Cryptocurrency pairs?

Then check out these most popular deposit bonus promotions before making a deposit today.

While Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bybit run many particular promotions, CFD brokers (where you can trade Cryptocurrency CFDs) offer dynamic bonuses for a long-term.

This article lines up the most popular deposit bonuses among Cryptocurrency traders.

Broker Bonus % Max Amount Bonus Withdrawal
LMFX 100% on deposit 50,000 USD Available
SuperForex 3000% on deposit 750 USD Unavailable
HFM (HF Markets) 100% on deposit 150,000 USD Available
FBS 100% on deposit 10,000 USD Available
FXGiants 100% on deposit Unlimited Unavailable
LQDFX 100% on deposit 20,000 USD Available
OctaFX 50% on deposit Unlimited Available
Traders Trust 200% on deposit $10,000 Available
BKFX 100% on deposit Unlimited Unavailable
AdroFX 100% on deposit $10,000 Unavailable

The above deposit bonus promotions are the best choices for traders.

Now check out the top 3 deposit bonus promotions here.

1. SuperForex’s 3000% Deposit Bonus

The number one choice for traders is SuperForex‘s 3000% Deposit Bonus.

With this promotion, you only need to deposit only 1 USD to get a 750 USD of bonus.

No other brokers offer this much percentage of bonus.

With SuperForex, you can trade the following Cryptocurrency pairs.

  • USDCHF (US Dollar vs Swiss Franc)
  • EURCHF (Euro vs Swiss Franc)
  • EURJPY (Euro vs Japanese Yen)
  • AUDUSD (Australian vs US Dollar)
  • USDCAD (US Dollar vs Canadian)
  • NZDUSD (New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar)
  • EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
  • GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar)
  • EURGBP (Euro vs Great Britain Pound)
  • USDJPY (US Dollar vs Japanese Yen)
  • ETHUSD (Ethereum vs US Dollar)
  • BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs US Dollar)
  • ZECUSD (Zcash vs US Dollar)
  • DASHUSD (DASH vs US Dollar)
  • BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash vs US Dollar)
  • XMRUSD (Monero vs US Dollar)
  • NEOUSD (NEO vs US Dollar)
  • EOSUSD (EOS vs US Dollar)
  • LTCUSD (Litecoin vs USD)
  • OMGUSD (OmisGo vs US Dollar)
  • Doge (Dogecoin vs US Dollar)
  • XRPUSD (Ripple vs US Dollar)
  • IOTAUSD (IOTA vs US Dollar)
  • Uniswap (Uniswap vs US Dollar)
  • Chainlink (Chainlink vs US Dollar)
  • Polkadot (Polkadot vs US Dollar)
  • Filecoin (Filecoin vs US Dollar)
  • Solana (Solana vs US Dollar)
  • XTZUSD (Tezos vs US Dollar)
  • MLNUSD (Melon vs US Dollar)
  • ATOUSD (Cosmos vs US Dollar)

There are many other promotions such as No Deposit Bonus and Cashback are available with SuperForex.

Go to SuperForex’s Official Website and check out their latest offers today.

Go to SuperForex’s Website

2. OctaFX’s 50% Deposit Bonus

The second most popular deposit bonus is the 50% deposit bonus of OctaFX.

Through this promotion, you can receive an unlimited amount of bonus that is also available for withdrawal by trading a certain volume.

Receive OctaFX’s 50% Deposit Bonus and withdraw the whole bonus amount by trading the required amount calculated as below:

Bonus Amount / 2 = Required Standard Lots to trade

With OctaFX, you can trade the following Cryptocurrency pairs.

  • ADAUSD (Cardano vs. US Dollar)
  • AXSUSD (Axie Infinity vs. US Dollar)
  • BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash vs. US Dollar)
  • BNBUSD (Binance coin vs. US Dollar)
  • BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs. US Dollar)
  • DOTUSD (Polkadot vs. US Dollar)
  • ETCUSD (Ethereum Classic vs. US Dollar)
  • ETHUSD (Ethereum vs. US Dollar)
  • FILUSD (Filecoin vs. US Dollar)
  • FTMUSD (Fantom vs. US Dollar)
  • FTTUSD (FTX Token vs. US Dollar)
  • GRTUSD (The Graph vs. US Dollar)
  • ICPUSD (Internet Computer vs. US Dollar)
  • LRCUSD (Loopring vs. US Dollar)
  • LTCUSD (Litecoin vs. US Dollar)
  • SOLUSD (Solana vs. US Dollar)
  • UNIUSD (Uniswap vs. US Dollar)
  • XRPUSD (Ripple vs. US Dollar)
  • ZECUSD (Zcash vs. US Dollar)
  • AAVEUSD (Aave vs. US Dollar)
  • ALGOUSD (Algorand vs. US Dollar)
  • ATOMUSD (Cosmos vs. US Dollar)
  • AVAXUSD (Avalanche vs. US Dollar)
  • DASHUSD (Dash vs. US Dollar)
  • DOGEUSD (Dogecoin vs. US Dollar)
  • IOTAUSD (IOTA vs. US Dollar)
  • LINKUSD (Chainlink vs. US Dollar)
  • MANAUSD (Decentraland vs. US Dollar)
  • NEARUSD (NEAR Protocol vs. US Dollar)
  • MATICUSD (Polygon vs. US Dollar)

Go to OctaFX’s Official Website

3. BKEX’s 100% Deposit Bonus

The third most popular deposit bonus is the 100% deposit bonus of BKFX.

While receiving the 100% deposit bonus for an unlimited amount, you can also utilize 1:2000 high leverage to increase the trading volume to the maximum.

BKFX’s 100% deposit bonus is one of many advantages that the broker offers.

With BKFX, you can trade the following Cryptocurrency pairs

  • BTCUSD.bk
  • BTCEUR.bk
  • DASHUSD.bk
  • ETHUSD.bk
  • EOSUSD.bk
  • IOTAUSD.bk
  • LTCUSD.bk
  • XMRUSD.bk
  • XRPUSD.bk
  • ZECUSD.bk
  • TRXUSD.bk

Go to BKFX’s official website