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Looking for a versatile and easy-to-use crypto trading app? One of these will certainly be the right one for you!

Simple Trading Apps

Crypto trading is frantic, constantly changing. It’s a highly volatile market where you need to have quick reaction and intuition to reach your goals. In addition to the experience and individual abilities of each trader, having the right tools is essential for optimal investment management.

In a market that’s open 24/7, having full control over your operations is a crucial factor. Mobile trading apps certainly play a fundamental role in this. In fact, traders who typically invest funds in crypto use mobile trading software to have constant control over their operations, anywhere, anytime.

Despite most online brokers offering state-of-the-art mobile trading apps, with cutting-edge tools and services, the feature most sought after by traders around the world remains the same: simplicity of use. An easy-to-use software offers:

  • An intuitive interface that allows you to perform any operation with ease.
  • Data processing speed.
  • Versatility.
  • Suitability for any style and experience level.

Are there trading apps in the world that fully reflect these characteristics? Which brokers offer them? Below, we rank the apps that we believe stand out for their simplicity of use:

Broker Ranking Mobile trading app Main characteristics
1. Best
XM App Fully customizable software, capable of supporting any trader
2.Second Best
eToro App Multi-functional software that integrates WebTrader and social trading OpenBook into a single intuitive and easy-to-use interface
3. Popular
AltumBrokers App Polyfunctional, customizable, mix of operations on a single interface
4. Great
Deriv App Easy-to-use app, with smooth management of any operation, wide range of cutting-edge tools
5. Great
Binance App Crypto trading at your fingertips, the app allows you to manage your accounts, operations, and tools in a single login.

XM App

XM, undoubtedly one of the most popular online brokers globally, has invested considerable resources in creating a mobile trading software that can adapt to any type of trader. The app is not only intuitive, versatile, and technologically advanced, but it also features a unique aspect: it’s fully customizable. The software allows users to modify any parameter, service, or tool offered according to their style or needs.

Although exclusively created by the broker, the XM app allows traders who usually use MT4 and MT5 platforms to manage their operations.
Easy to use, suitable for any level of experience. Notably, full customization allows traders to shape the software according to their modus operandi.
The app supports the use of cutting-edge tools and services (like charts and indicators).
Almost immediate order processing and execution speed, a significant feature for crypto trading.

The XM app is compatible with any device (both IOS and Android), and every trader can download it through their respective app store. Following are the main features of the software:

  • A wide range of trading instruments available including cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, indices, metals, and energy.
  • Fast order execution without any requotes.
  • Fully customizable in every aspect, both regarding the account and tools and services available in the app.
  • Possibility to perform any deposit and withdrawal operation anywhere and anytime.
  • Advanced charts updated with extreme precision minute by minute.
  • Over 90 trading indicators available.
  • Free access to news, analysis, and market research to stay constantly updated.
  • Total compatibility with MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  • Allows viewing all open trades on assets.
  • Ability to view entry points on open positions.
  • Full control of stop-loss orders on open positions.
  • Allows viewing of take order orders on open positions.

Download the XM app

How to download the XM app

Traders who want to start investing using the XM app can download it through the XM’s official website or alternatively, through their device’s IOS or Android store.

To download, just follow these simple steps:

Phase 1
Access your store (IOS or Android) and select the app for download.
Phase 2
After installing the software, XM clients will need to enter their credentials to start investing. Traders without an account can register and open one through the app.
Phase 3.
To activate their account, the newly registered will need to undergo a quick verification to prove their identity and country of origin. Verification will require a valid identification document with a clear photo and a recent service supply contract (electricity bill, gas bill, etc.) in the customer’s name containing the residence address. Once verified, the client can start investing.

Download the XM app

XM App for crypto trading

The peculiarities of the XM app make it an excellent ally for crypto trading. Execution speed, cutting-edge tools on a customizable platform in every aspect, allow the trader to have full control over their operations at any time and place.

The broker offers a wide range of crypto products for investing in the form of CFDs (contracts for difference). A rich environment full of opportunities with excellent trading characteristics and conditions.

Features of Crypto Investments with XM

  • Non-stop trading, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • “Zero swap” crypto investments through Contracts for Difference (CFDs), which allow investing in price fluctuations without having to buy the underlying asset.
  • A “dynamic” leverage of up to 1:500, which automatically varies based on the trading volume of each instrument.
  • The ability to opt for short or long operations based on market movements.
  • Reduced spreads starting from 0.001 pip and no requotes.

Please note that spread, maximum available leverage, minimum-maximum size per operation, and other parameters vary based on the selected instrument. For detailed information on the characteristics of each individual instrument, simply visit the crypto investment page on the XM’s official website.

The “dynamic” leverage applied to CFD investments on crypto automatically changes relative to the trading volume for each instrument. This implies that as the investment volume for each instrument increases, the available financial leverage decreases. Also, if the leverage of the account is lower than the leverage of the selected instrument for the investment, the leverage will decrease to compensate for the value of the account’s leverage.

Lots Dynamic Margin Percentage Maximum Applicable Leverage
0-40 0.2% 1:500
40-120 0.4% 1:250
120-200 2% 1:50
200+ 100% 1:1

The calculation that allows tracing back to the actually used margin is as follows:

Lots x Contract Size x Opening Price x Margin Percentage

Invest in crypto with the XM app

eToro App

eToro is undoubtedly a prime example of how an online broker can, within a few years and with dedication and effort, become an undisputed leader in the sector. Its constant evolution and the excellent quality of services offered have led thousands of traders to choose it for their investments. What kind of mobile app would one expect from a broker of this caliber? Surely something extremely interesting.

The eToro mobile application is an innovative multi-asset software that allows investing in over 3,000 financial instruments across various classes (such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, etc). It integrates in a single interface the online trading functionalities of WebTrader and the social trading service of OpenBook. This makes the software a unique kind of app that allows traders to maximize their capabilities and benefit from the experience of other traders.

Virtual portfolio.
Upon opening a new account, any trader can benefit from a free demo account with $100,000. This way, they can test the services and tools offered and at the same time practice to improve their style.
TipRanks Service.
The service combines on a single screen important insights from expert analysts in the sector. Each customer can access the research tab and draw on useful financial information for their purpose.
One-click trading.
In trading, the speed of reaction is essential. The broker, being aware of the needs of its clients, has created the One-Click function. This allows the trader to open new positions with pre-set parameters, all with just one click of the mouse.
Stop Loss and Take Profit.
To give customers total control over positions, to protect themselves from potential sudden market fluctuations and to make the most profit from any trading experience, the broker allows to set previously decided prices for closing an open position: The Stop Loss service provides for the potential automatic closure of a position that has reached a certain loss. Meanwhile, Take Profit allows closing a position automatically at a predetermined price to exit with a predetermined profit.
Trailing Stop Loss.
An additional function to the Stop Loss service that gives customers the opportunity to keep an open position in the event the markets behave in such a way as to favor their trading.
A cutting-edge tool for technical analysis. It allows traders to compare charts of multiple financial instruments and different timeframes.
Offline trading.
The broker offers customers the possibility to place trading orders even when the platform is inactive for maintenance. A necessary service for a business like trading, operational in most cases 24/7.

Download the eToro app

Download the eToro App

Downloading the eToro app? Nothing could be simpler and faster. Available on both Google Play and the Apple Store and compatible with most existing devices, the eToro app can be downloaded by following these very simple steps:

Step 1.
The customer must access the store of their device (iOS or Android) and download the app.
Step 2
After installing the software, eToro traders who are already customers simply need to enter their credentials to start investing. Those who do not have a real account will need to register and activate one before they can use the app.
Step 3.
To activate the account, the new customer must complete a simple verification process to prove their real identity and country of origin. To proceed with the verification, a valid identification document and a recent service contract with a clearly visible residential address (electricity bill, gas, etc.) in the customer’s name will be necessary.
Step 4.
Once the account is activated, the customer can start using the app. Through the software, they can deposit funds, set the parameters of their account, and invest without having to access the desktop or web version of the platform.

Download the eToro app

eToro Crypto Trading

eToro offers its traders a both advantageous and finely structured environment for crypto trading. A “all-in-one” solution that allows traders to use the platform, manage their portfolio and trade all on a single interface. In addition to a wide range of crypto tools available for trading and extremely advantageous trading conditions (which can be found by visiting the official website), crypto trading on eToro has the following advantages:

Real-time useful information.
Every customer will have free access to a vast amount of news and research on cryptocurrency markets.
Fully customizable risk management.
eToro allows you to set the parameters of Stop Loss and Take Profit according to your style and trading strategies. Thanks to the use of this function, the trader can protect themselves from the risks deriving from highly volatile crypto trading, automatically protecting their investments.
Full control.
The instrument you decide to invest in can be easily transferred from the platform to the eToro portfolio at any time.
Crypto tools.
Over 74 crypto products available for investment.
Staking service.
Staking allows traders who own and/or hold supported cryptocurrencies to earn rewards, simply for owning them. The awards are given every month, in the reference crypto asset, all through a fully automatic process. For more detailed information about the service, contact the support team or visit the official website.
State-of-the-art tools.
Advanced charts updated in real time and professional analysis tools will allow traders to create accurate strategies.
Thanks to social trading, the customer can interact with over 25 million users worldwide and take advantage of trading strategies created by professionals in the field.

Download the eToro app and invest in crypto

AltumBrokers Trading App

The trading app offered by AltumBrokers was created taking into account two main factors: ease of use and a wide range of available tools. In short, a software capable of meeting the needs of any trader, regardless of their experience and professional level. A cutting-edge platform that allows performing numerous operations in a single interface.

In addition, being a customizable software, it will allow the trader to modify parameters, tools, charts and services in order to make it perfectly compatible with their style.

Fast and effective trading
A trading environment structured in such a way as to make each negotiation potentially advantageous. Direct order execution (operations completed in less than 35 ms with zero re-quotes), fully customizable state-of-the-art charts, updated technical analysis, and social trading and a wide range of investment instruments divided into forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies and indices.
Strict risk management.
Through the app, the customer can set the risk level to make it suitable for their trading strategies. A well-calibrated financial leverage up to a maximum of 1:500 for crypto instruments, 80% Margin Call, 50% Stop Out and guaranteed stop loss will ensure the trader proper risk management.
Deposits and withdrawals
There is no need to access the web version of the platform or log in through the client area of the official site to carry out any deposit and withdrawal operation. Through the app, the customer can deposit and credit funds safely and quickly.
Professional support.
A team of professionals in the sector always ready for any eventuality will allow the trader to receive as much information as possible to invest.

Download the AltumBrokers app

Download the AltumBrokers App

Downloading the app is simple and secure. The software, compatible with any type of existing mobile device (iOS and Android) can be downloaded via the official site and the store on your smartphone.

To start, download the app to your device either via the official site or through the store (iOS or Android).
Existing AltumBrokers traders can start using the software by simply logging in. If the trader does not have an account with the broker, they will need to register and provide the necessary information to activate the account. The entire process is simple and quick to complete.
Once the account is activated, the client can make an initial deposit and start investing in a wide range of instruments.

Download the AltumBrokers app

Crypto Trading with AltumBrokers

Considered by many to be a leading broker for online crypto trading, AltumBrokers offers a well-structured investment environment with trading conditions that few can offer.

High leverage.
A leverage of up to a maximum of 1:500 for trading on crypto CFDs.
Embarrassment of choice.
A wide range of products available for trading, from the most popular crypto to the more exotic and lesser-known ones. It won’t be difficult to diversify your investment portfolio excellently.
A management policy aimed at achieving a single goal: the customer’s profit. Among the lowest trading fees in the market, minimum investment volume equal to 0.01 lots, minimum spreads, and more.
Efficient withdrawals and deposits.
A secure and protected transaction management will guarantee the trader quick withdrawals and deposits.
Negative balance protection.
A service aimed at protecting the customer that does not allow you to lose more than what is deposited in your account.

Please remember that trading conditions may vary depending on the instrument selected for trading (max leverage, contract size etc) and the type of account offered by the broker.

Open an AltumBrokers account and download the app

Apps Managed by Deriv

The broker Deriv, a true giant of online trading with over 2.5 million customers worldwide, offers an investment environment with cutting-edge services and tools. An easy-to-understand trading environment allows the customer to act quickly, but above all make correct decisions based on clarity. The broker bases its operations on a single but fundamental concept: simplicity.

The broker allows its customers to use not one, but two apps for mobile trading: Deriv go and Deriv x. Both created with the sole purpose of accelerating and simplifying any investment in Forex and CFDs. Being quick and responding promptly to market fluctuations is essential, and using a high-performance app for permanent control over your operations is the solution.

Visit the Deriv’s official website

Deriv Go App

Deriv Go is a software that features an intuitive and versatile interface. It is designed with the sole purpose of simplifying the trader’s operations to make everything faster and more efficient. The structure of the software allows clients to manage various operations simultaneously with just a click. This is a feature much sought after by traders who do not have the opportunity to dedicate themselves extensively to their operations. The app allows trading on a wide range of instruments such as forex, cryptocurrencies, and synthetic indices, using a multiplier up to a maximum of 1000× without running the risk of losing more than what is traded.

Trading Tools.
The software’s visual interface allows traders to identify the best trading opportunities on currency pairs in markets worldwide in the shortest possible time. Using technologically advanced services and tools such as integrated charts, clients can devise well-structured trading strategies while receiving necessary information for balanced investment decisions. There are no limits on styles and strategies that can be implemented; the client can opt for both short and long-term investments.
Synthetic Indices.
An investment tool that faithfully simulates the fluctuations of real markets. Protected by a cryptographic system that creates random numbers, operations will not be influenced by regular market hours, significant international events, generic market risks, and liquidity.
The tool available for investments in crypto is the contract for difference (CFD), the trader can invest in price fluctuations without necessarily having to purchase the product.

Each instrument can be traded during regular market hours, with the exception of indices and cryptocurrencies available for trading 24/7.

Download the Deriv Go app

There is no difference between the app and the desktop or web versions of the platform, the software allows the trader to benefit from the same options, services, and tools available such as technical analysis, latest generation charts, and tools for safe risk management like stop loss, take profit, and instant cancellation of operations. Moreover, to support clients in having full control over risks, the broker will send crucial push notifications stop out.

Demo Account.
An excellent opportunity for both experts and beginners intending to test the trading environment offered and practice their strategies without any risk. On the demo account, 10,000 USD of virtual funds will be available without restrictions.
Up-to-date notifications.
A service active 24/7 (even in case of trader inactivity) that will send important push notifications about the main market news. Being up-to-date on your operations and market changes is essential.
Best risk management.
Tools like stop loss, take profit, and order cancellation will offer the trader the opportunity to perfectly calibrate their risk propensity according to the strategies to be implemented.
A wide range of technologically advanced and customizable charts to make the right investment at the right time.

The Deriv Go app download is available on the Apple store and Google Play for any type of device compatible with iOS and Android.

Download the Deriv Go app

Deriv X App

Compatibility is the main feature of the multi-asset Deriv X app. It is fully customizable software that will allow any type of trader to shape every aspect and function of the app to suit their style and trading needs. The tools available for trading through the app are CFDs on forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, synthetic indices, and index baskets.

Forex Trading.
CFD investments on forex are enhanced with technologically advanced charts, minute-by-minute updates on the most popular currency pairs. Furthermore, using financial leverage, it will be possible to open larger positions relative to the actual capital invested.
Crypto Trading: CFDs and Multiplier.
Through the app, you can invest in crypto through CFDs (contracts for difference) and the “Multiplier” option. The first method allows the trader to trade on price fluctuations of the selected product without necessarily having to buy it. While the second, the multiplier, allows the trader to trade using financial leverage and increase investment volume without risking more than the initial investment.
Synthetic Indices.
Products to invest in are extremely volatile (crash/boom, jump indices, step indices, and range break indices). Through the app, the client can manage each investment and trade on price oscillations, using a safe and effective generator.
Through the oldest market in the world, the client can invest in price variations of products such as gold, silver, crude oil, and much more.
Baskets and Indices.
Tools suitable for those wishing to trade with reduced volatility and a minimal risk percentage. The tool allows trading the selected currency against a basket of major currencies. The baskets available for CFD trading are commodities (gold basket) and 4 forex baskets.

Download the Deriv X app

Deriv X App Features

As previously mentioned, the Deriv X app has been created with the objective of simplifying as much as possible any operation that the trader has to carry out. The software is fully customizable, therefore any trader can modify any parameter of the app according to their trading style, by dragging and dropping widgets, creating their own layout, managing useful information whenever deemed necessary.

No Commission.
Through the app, clients can create a well-diversified investment portfolio, being able to invest in a wide range of assets without having to pay any commission.
Trading Anytime, Anywhere.
Unlike traditional markets such as commodities and forex, which are limited by trading hours, synthetic indices and cryptocurrencies can be traded 24/7 without any time limit. Regardless of their location and at any time, traders can interact with the markets and have full control over their operations.
Advanced Charts.
Indispensable for effective trading, the charts available on Deriv X integrate more than 90 indicators and 13 drawing tools that ensure immediate access to sensitive market data. It’s a simple-to-use, intuitive tool that allows for the display of multiple charts simultaneously. This way, clients have the opportunity to draw on a larger number of information to make the most of each investment opportunity.
Learning from Mistakes.
By having free access to the history of trades in their journal, clients can understand how to refine their style and create more accurate strategies. By saving progress in the dashboard, clients can protect themselves from repeating the same trading mistakes and create a customized checklist using the right tools to achieve their goal.
User-Friendly Interface.
Versatile, intuitive. Deriv X is an app compatible with any level of experience. The software allows clients to manage the type of display, switching from list to chart with just a click, choose the instrument to invest in, and access the dedicated trading page. Moreover, the trader can access the stats visible on the screen and trade directly from the chart.
Perfect Margin Management.
Having full control over risks is the key to effective trading. Before any investment is made, the trader will receive notifications about the impact the margin will have on their balance. Trading with leverage can lead to significant gains but also serious losses.
No Risk in Trading with a Demo Account.
A good method that both beginners and experts can use to test their skills and experiences in the trading environment offered by the broker. Through the demo account, it is possible to trade on synthetic indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex without investing anything and therefore without running any risk of loss. The account will be credited with 10,000 virtual USD to use freely.

Download the Deriv X app

Binance App

Binance is an international exchange, allowing its clients to trade on thousands of cryptocurrencies (over 600 products) in a leading global blockchain ecosystem. It provides a state-of-the-art environment for crypto trading, with optimal trading conditions and a wide range of cutting-edge services and tools that allow traders to interact with the world’s most volatile market with safety and simplicity.

The app created by the exchange par excellence has not disappointed the expectations of the most demanding traders. The software has been structured to enable crypto trading based on three main factors: security, ease of use, and speed. The app features a clear and simple-to-use interface, allowing clients to benefit from all the features available with Binance quickly and in just a few clicks.

Security and Ease of Use.
Traders can quickly and securely log in using QR code support and start investing in crypto without phishing attempts. The versatile and easy-to-use interface allows for maximum trading capabilities thanks to advanced features and constant market updates.
Guaranteed Speed.
The software allows users to connect to the Binance platform with a single click and engage with markets 24/7 to carry out buy and sell operations with nearly instantaneous execution.
Simple Interaction.
The Binance API ensures fast and efficient interaction between the mobile app and the exchange platform. This allows traders to access a wealth of applications, services, tools, etc.
Binance Authenticator.
By downloading this additional software, traders can enhance their security level as Binance Authenticator generates two-factor verification codes that virtually eliminate hacking possibilities.
Use of Multiple Accounts with a Single Login.
The versatile and simplified structure of the app allows clients (both institutional and individual) to manage multiple accounts with a single login.
24/7 Customer Support
Professionals in the field are always ready to solve any problem. Multilingual customer support is available 24/7.

The Binance app is supported on any mobile device with an iOS or Android operating system. Clients can quickly download the software from their store and start investing.

Download the Binance app

Getting Started with the Binance App

Traders who already have a Binance crypto wallet can download the app, log in, and start investing immediately. If a trader does not yet have a wallet with the exchange, they can create one by following these simple steps:

Visit the official website and register by entering the necessary information: enter a valid email or phone number, accept the terms and conditions of use, enter the security code sent by Binance in the designated space, create a valid password.
Identity Verification.
At this stage, the client must provide information and documents that prove their real identity. You will need to submit a valid identification document and a document confirming your residence (a recent utility bill, bank document, etc.). Once approved, the trader can access their account.
Make a deposit using the payment method that suits your needs and start investing.
App Download.
Download the Binance app through the store of your device and start investing in crypto with advantageous trading conditions and minimal commissions up to 0.1%.

Download the Binance app

Trade Crypto with Binance

Trading crypto with the exchange considered the best in the world undoubtedly has its advantages. Binance allows traders to invest in a wide range of crypto instruments including Bitcoin (BTC), BNB, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), BASIC ATTENTION TOKEN (BAT), BinanceUSD (BUSD). All this quickly, securely, on a cutting-edge platform, and with commissions starting at 0.1%.

Savings and Earnings.
Through savings products on Binance Earn, the trader can take advantage of an interest rate of up to 8% on the stablecoins Binance USD (BUSD) and Tether (USDT) and take advantage of automatic staking on Tezos (XTZ), Stellar (XLM), NEO, Harmony (ONE), and many other cryptocurrencies.
Low Cost.
Minimized commissions (starting from just 0.1%) and earnings of up to 8% per year on crypto and stablecoins.
Binance Visa Card.
The client can use the card simply to shop with their crypto, and they will also get a cashback of up to 8%.
Secure Wallet.
The SAFU fund managed by Binance guarantees the highest level of security for clients’ investment funds. Secure crypto trading.
Fast and Easy Crypto Buying and Selling.
Every client can use bank transfer or debit/credit cards to buy or sell the desired crypto in an instant. Suitable also for traders with higher levels of experience, the Binance app allows access to a versatile and advanced interface for crypto trading that enables fast and efficient access to markets.

For more information on trading conditions and commissions, visit the Binance’s official website and contact the support team.

Download the Binance app