LTC and BCH on SuperForex. Table of Contents

New currencies for ECN Crypto SuperForex, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash accounts now available.

Update of the currency list necessary for an increasingly accessible crypto trading.

Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash for ECN Crypto SuperForex accounts

By carefully examining the constant evolution of the markets, it is more than evident that both the concept that the structure of money is rapidly changing. In a short time, cryptocurrencies have assumed a more than fundamental role in the world economy and more and more traders are directing their investments towards the cryptographic market. A constantly changing market, with extreme liquidity and high volatility that have always teased both experienced and novice investors.

To cope with all this, SuperForex, which constantly turns its interests and objectives to satisfying the needs of its traders, has taken steps to make crypto investments even more accessible by expanding the list of available currencies. Now any interested trader can open an ECN Crypto account in Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The Crypto account offered by the broker can be used by traders as a real crypto wallet, being able to set the desired cryptocurrency as the main base currency of the account and instantly store the cryptocurrencies on the account. In addition, SuperForex in addition to the most common payment methods (such as Visa / Mastercard, bank transfers, etc.) gives the possibility of being able to deposit cryptocurrencies on the ECN Crypto account, being able to choose between BTC, ETH, Tether, BCH, DOGE, LTC

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Open an ECN account Crypto with SuperForex

ECN Crypto SuperForex Account

The Electronic Communication Network, more commonly known by the abbreviation ECN, is now considered the main means for the future of the foreign exchange market. Also known as ATS (Alternative Trading Systems), ECN is basically a computerized network that gives traders the ability to trade currencies and stocks outside traditional exchanges. ECN can simply be represented as a real bridge between retail traders and major liquidity providers through the SuperForex online broker.

This electronic system makes it possible to electronically carry out the purchase and sale orders that can subsequently be executed and also each trader will have the opportunity to consult a book for free, through which the orders present in the circuit can be viewed. Each order sent to ECN will be carried out directly in the circuit.

ECN technology turns out to be one of the preferred means of traders to be able to trade on the Forex market. Also making use of the important use of automatic trading tools such as Expert Advisors, ECN accounts undoubtedly represent one of the fastest methods to execute potentially profitable orders, even beyond the ordinary working hours of the financial markets.

The ECN Crypto account offered by SuperForex is suitable for traders who are keen to have a thorough understanding of ECN cryptocurrency trading. The Crypto ECN account structure offers traders extremely profitable and promising cryptocurrency trading, compatible with any level of experience and strategy.

Available currencies Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether (TTR), Dogecoin (DGE)
Maximum deposit Unlimited
Minimum deposit 100 USD
Compatible promotions Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
Lot size 10 BTC / LTC / ZEC / DASH / NEO / EOS / BCH / XMR
Maximum leverage 1:10
Swaps No
Spreads Floating
Forex Сopy No

We would like to remind you that each client will be able to deposit and withdraw in USD. Although deposits and withdrawals are made in cryptocurrencies, it will be possible to proceed with the conversion.

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Exchange cryptovalute with SuperForex

Cryptocurrency trading has literally “invaded” the planet. Each trader, with their own strategies and style, tries to profit from the volatility of this market. Thanks to SuperForex, considered a leader among Forex brokers in cryptocurrency trading, traders will be able to receive extremely advantageous trading benefits and conditions by taking advantage of the award-winning MT4 trading platform and a range of the most popular crypto instruments on the market.

Below are the cryptocurrencies available for investments offered by SuperForex.

  • Ethereum – ETHUSD
  • Bitcoin – BTCUSD
  • Litecoin – LTCUSD
  • ZECUSD – Zcash
  • Dash – DASHUSD
  • Bitcoin Cash- BCHUSD
  • Monero – XMRUSD
  • Neo – NEOUSD

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Features of crypto trading with SuperForex

SuperForex offers trading conditions on unique cryptocurrencies, capable of satisfying any need.

Trading of all kinds.
Each client will have the opportunity to use any trading strategy and style in order to profit from the cryptocurrency market, with any forecast on price fluctuations and without having to own the asset. Furthermore, being SuperForex authorized and regulated, it guarantees trading on cryptocurrencies in complete safety and with maximum control in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.
Registered and regulated broker in full compliance with current regulations that manages a fund safety program divided into several levels for maximum protection and transparency.
MetaTrader 4 platform.
One of the most used platforms in the world for any type of trading and markets, including the cryptocurrency market. The platform offers state-of-the-art tools such as automated trading, technologically advanced charts, technical analysis and much more.
Payment methods.
SuperForex offers traders a wide range of payment methods with no deposit fees including bank transfers, credit / debit cards and crypto wallets.

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