UNQ (Unique Network) staking on Huobi

Huobi Global will launch UNQ (Unique Network) value-added activities.

Participate in value-added activities to get high interest income!

The promotion runs from September 28th at 18:30 (GMT+8) to December 28th at 18:30 (GMT+8).

Token Bonus period Expected Annualized Yield (APY) Minimum top-up amount per person Maximum top-up amount per person Total top-up amount
UNQ 90 days (no early termination allowed) 50% 10 UNQ 1,000,000 UNQ 6,000,000 UNQ

Reward tokens for this event will be issued according to the user’s top-up currency.

On the next day after the top-up period ends, the principal of the rewarded and invested tokens will be unlocked and distributed to the user’s currency account.

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