Staking – 216% APY on KMA with Huobi Earn

Huobi will launch KMA value-added activities.

Participate in value-added activities to obtain high interest returns!

This offer is available from December 1st at 20:00 (GMT+8) to 20:00, December 30 (GMT+8).

Token KMA
Deposit Period 30 days (Early termination is not allowed)
Est. APY 216%
Min. Individual Deposit Requirement 5 KMA
Max. Individual Deposit Requirement 50,000,000 KMA
Max. Deposit Limit in Total 250,000,000 KMA

The reward tokens for this activity will be issued according to the value-added currency of the user.

On the day after the end of the value-added period, the rewards and the token principal invested in the value-added will be unlocked and issued to the user’s currency account.

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