Trade Spot With Zero Maker Fees bybit

The long-awaited Bybit spot trading platform is newly launched.

New features, new surprises, immediate spot transactions, no pending order fees.

What is spot trading with Bybit?

Spot transactions are mainly for transactions between digital currencies, using one of the digital currencies as the unit of measurement to purchase other digital currencies.

The rule of spot transaction is to complete the matching transaction in the order of price priority and time priority to complete the exchange between digital currencies.

In the Bybit spot market, you can use limit orders, market orders and conditional orders for spot transactions.

Bybit provides ultra-high liquidity, allowing you to experience the best crypto asset trading.

Currently supports BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and XRP/USDT, EOS/USDT trading pairs will be launched soon.

More trading pairs will be supported in the future.

Spot trading is now online on the PC trading station and App client.

Please upgrade your App to the latest version (v3.0) in time for spot trading and view the asset details of your spot account.

From now on, the operation of deposit and withdrawal will be carried out directly through the spot account; if you register a Bybit account before the full amount of the spot goes online, your funds will be deposited into the spot account and automatically transferred to the contract account. To disable this feature, please go to “Settings” under the “Account and Security” menu to set it up.

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