OKCoin - What's now?

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During the Chinese New Year, the team at OKCoin launched a red envelope initiative, geared for the domestic market in celebration of the New Year.

The idea of this campaign stems from the Chinese tradition of giving red envelopes containing money to family and friends.

This specific marketing campaign aimed to promote the adoption and use of bitcoin for the average Chinese user, as it allowed for individuals to give bitcoin to friends and family.

OKLink the consumer brand of OKCoin drove the red envelope giving via its OKLink WeChat App.

Individuals that received red envelopes could set up their OKLink’s wallets in order to use their claimed bitcoin.

The success of this marketing campaign has been of unprecedented levels in the bitcoin industry, amassing over half a million users within the first week.

On the evening of February 18th, from 8PM until 12AM CST, the campaign attracted over 100,000 users in the first four hours of the campaign, showing how quickly it became viral.

The campaign lasted for roughly a week, with a consistent engagement from the domestic market.

OKCoin’s red envelopes gave away a total of 10 million RMB, making this the largest initiative on Chinese soil.

For OKCoin’s CEO Star Xu:

“Bitcoin acts a social financial network and the success of bitcoin relies on more and more users adopting BTC and not only use it as a trading commodity. That is our core belief.”

At OKCoin, we are certain that with our newly launched OKLink we will continue to drive the growth of bitcoin and lead the industry to promote applicable user-cases worldwide.

If you are a WeChat user, make sure to follow OKLink’s account and be able to conveniently send bitcoin to all your friends, share red envelopes with your circle of friends, etc.