Strange but true! Make a profit on a demo account and transfer it to your real AMarkets account.

Transfer of profits from demo account to real AMarkets account

Opening a demo account to test trading conditions, tools, and services available is more than fair before opening a real account with an online broker. Every trader takes advantage of this service to understand how convenient it can be to invest with the chosen broker without having to invest real funds and therefore without taking any risks. In short, risk-free and cost-free trading allows the trader to face the markets with a mind free from any worry. In particular, trading in a highly volatile market like cryptocurrencies using a demo account is an excellent way to test oneself, take advantage of the conditions offered, and deepen one’s knowledge of crypto instruments.

On the demo account, the broker will credit “virtual” funds that the customer can use for investing. Usually, each type of real account corresponds to a demo version, and the trader can choose the most suitable one for their needs.

Yes, it’s true there is no loss, but what about the profits generated? Obviously, “if there is no risk, there is neither loss nor gain!” Any profit generated from trading on a demo account will be a “virtual” gain, just as any losses would be.

Among the various promotional offers, the AMarkets broker offers an interesting and promising initiative to encourage traders to transition from a demo to a real account: the Transfer of Profits. Through this promotion, the customer can transfer the profits generated on the demo account to the new real account. In practice, virtual funds will become real!

The promotional initiative is structured as follows:

  • The customer holding an AMarkets demo account must invest virtually and make profits within a time limit of 5 days.
  • After the 5-day period has expired, the customer can lock in the profits and must open a real account (Fixed or Standard MetaTrader 4 account).
  • Once the real account is opened (and successfully passed the verification program), to request the promotion, the customer must fund their account with an amount equal to or greater than the profit made on the demo account.
  • Finally, it will be necessary to contact AMarkets customer service to credit the virtual profit generated on the demo account to the new real account.
  • The maximum amount that the trader can obtain from the offer is $10,000. The bonus is not withdrawable, and the customer can use the funds only for trading. Any profits can be withdrawn if the minimum trading requirements are met.

Trade Demo & Earn Real Cash with AMarkets

Terms and conditions of use

To request the offer, the customer must:

Read and accept terms and conditions.
Rules and usage instructions set by the broker such as minimum trading, usage times, withdrawals, etc.
Open a real account
The customer must open a real account and undergo a verification process by submitting documents proving their identity and residence (e.g., a valid ID card and a recent utility bill in the applicant’s name).
Deposit funds.
Make a deposit equivalent to the amount of profits generated on the demo account and contact the support team.

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Following is a summary of the main rules of the promotion.

  • The promotion is only compatible with Standard and Fixed accounts on the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • If the profit generated on the demo account exceeds the deposit credited to the real account, the customer can negotiate the bonus amount individually.
  • To receive the extra funds, the interested trader must make a deposit within and no later than 5 days after making a profit on their demo account.
  • The bonus will be granted exclusively to traders who have successfully passed the verification process.
  • The extra funds from the promotion cannot be withdrawn but can only be used for trading. As a result, they will not be added to the real funds in the account balance and can be viewed in the credit line of the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • The offer requires a minimum trading amount to be able to withdraw the extra funds. Only open and closed positions during the promotional period will be considered eligible for turnover calculation. The minimum price change per transaction is equivalent to 3 pips.
  • The profit generated from investments using the extra funds can be withdrawn at any time and without any restrictions, regardless of the bonus funds amount in the account.
  • The maximum extra funds that the trader can obtain from the promotion is $10,000.
  • This offer is not compatible with other promotions managed by the broker. Consequently, accounts with other active initiatives cannot take advantage of it.
  • Once the minimum turnover is reached, the bonus will be withdrawable. The extra funds cannot be used in a “drawdown” situation. The bonus will be automatically removed from the account if the “Stop out” level is reached.
  • The formula for calculating the minimum turnover is as follows: bonus amount / 3 USD. In practice, 3 USD for each complete lot.

Trade Demo & Earn Real Cash with AMarkets

Investing in cryptocurrencies with AMarkets

In addition to the extra funds from the promotion, the customer can take advantage of some of the best trading conditions on the market for crypto trading. Ultra-competitive spreads, fast order execution, no dealing desk intervention, and no hidden commissions ensure a top-notch trading experience. From the wide range of crypto instruments offered (27 cryptocurrencies), the customer can choose to trade on extremely popular products such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Please note that access to the initiative just described is only allowed through Fixed and Standard accounts. By consulting the following table, interested parties can learn the main features of the accounts in detail.

Features Standard Account Fixed Account
Order Execution Instant Execution – Market Execution Instant Execution – Market Execution
Initial Deposit $100 – €100 $100 – €100
Crypto Leverage From 1:10 to 1:100 varies based on invested capital and selected instrument From 1:10 to 1:100 varies based on invested capital and selected instrument
Decimal Pricing Up to 5 digits Up to 4 digits
Minimum Order Volume From 0.01 with a step of 0.01 From 0.01 with a step of 0.01
Spreads Floating from 1.3 pips 3 pips
Islamic Account Available Available
Trading Periods Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET) Monday 00:00 – Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET)
Commissions None None
Stop Out 20% 20%
Margin Call 50% 50%
Available Account Currency USD, EUR USD, EUR
Negative Balance Protection Yes Yes

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The maximum available leverage varies depending on the investment volume and the type of product chosen for trading:

Invested Capital BTC-USD, BTC-EUR Other Cryptocurrencies
Less than $250,000 Max Leverage 1:100 Max Leverage 1:10
Greater than $250,000 Max Leverage 1:5 Max Leverage 1:2

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