TopFX 100% Deposit Bonus Table of Contents

TopFX 100% Deposit Bonus

Boost Your Investment Volume with Extra Funds up to 100% of Deposits.

Up to 100% Deposit Bonus from TopFX

Considered by many traders as one of the best brokers in the world, TopFX is a rigorously regulated financial brokerage firm that offers one of the most efficient trading environments in the market. The broker allows its clients to trade over 600 instruments including Forex, stocks, indices, metals, energy, and other CFDs. The trading conditions are highly advantageous, with spreads starting from 0.0 pips and zero trading commissions. Being a No Dealing Desk broker, it ensures secure and immediate order execution without any intermediaries.

In addition to providing a unique trading environment on MT4 and cTrader platforms, the broker regularly introduces enticing promotional initiatives to motivate and support its traders. Currently, the promotion that has garnered significant interest among traders is the Deposit Bonus of up to 100%. This promotion offers the opportunity to receive extra funds of up to 100% of the deposited amount on the first two credited deposits into the trader’s account. The percentage of extra funds varies based on the deposited amount.

Here’s how it works: Every trader, whether an existing TopFX account holder or a new registrant, can claim the bonus. The promotion does not require a deposit for activation. The customer will receive the extra funds resulting from the bonus only on the first two deposits made after requesting bonus activation. The percentage of the Deposit Bonus varies based on the deposited amount.

For any total deposit equal to or less than 500 USD (or equivalent currency), a 100% bonus will be credited.
For amounts exceeding 500 USD and up to a maximum of 10,000 USD, a 50% bonus will be applied.
A 25% bonus will be applied to any funds deposited beyond 10,000 USD.

100% Bonus:
For deposits up to 500 USD.
50% Bonus:
For deposits up to 10,000 USD.
25% Bonus:
For deposits greater than 10,000 USD.

The promotion is structured as follows:

  • For instance, if a trader deposits an amount totaling no more than 500 USD, they will receive a 100% bonus.
  • If the client deposits an amount exceeding 500 USD, such as 2000 USD, they will receive a 100% bonus on 500 USD and a 50% bonus on the remaining 1500 USD.
  • If the trader deposits an amount exceeding 10,000 USD, they will receive: a 100% bonus on 500 USD, a 50% bonus on 9,500 USD, and a 25% bonus on the remaining deposited funds.

By referring to the provided example table, interested individuals can understand the promotion details:

Total Deposit Amount (USD or equivalent) Applied Bonus Total Capital + Bonus
300 USD 100% OF 300 USD = 300 USD 600 USD
1,350 USD 500 X 100% + 850 X 50% = 925 USD 2,275.00 USD
12,000 USD 500 X 100% + 9,500 X 50% + 2,500 X 25% = 5,875 USD 18,375.00 USD

It’s important to note that there is no maximum limit to the total bonus amount a trader can receive from the promotion.

Promotion Up to 100% Deposit Bonus
Minimum Required Deposit No mandatory minimum deposit
Withdrawal of Extra Funds Not available
Profits Withdrawal Available at any time
Compatible Accounts All TopFX accounts
Maximum Bonus Amount Unlimited
Trading Restrictions None
Usage Time Unlimited
Compatibility with Other Promotions Compatible with Energy Bonus
Bonus Percentages 100% up to 500 USD – 50% up to 10,000 USD – 25% >10,001 USD

Claim Up to 100% Deposit Bonus

How to Claim the Deposit Bonus

Every interested trader has the opportunity to claim the bonus. Traders without a verified real account must first register to claim the bonus. Existing account holders only need to request the bonus by accessing their client area or contacting the support team at [email protected].

To proceed, follow these simple steps:

Open a TopFX Account.
Visit the official website and click on “Open a Real Account.” Provide the required registration information, including name, surname, address, country, phone number, and valid email. Choose the desired account type.
Verification Process.
To activate the account, traders need to undergo a verification process to confirm their identity and country of origin. This requires submitting a valid identification document and a document verifying the country of residence (such as a recent utility bill).
Make a Deposit.
Deposit the desired amount using the variety of available payment methods.
Claim the Bonus.
Contact the support team at [email protected] to request the bonus.
Start Trading.
Begin trading using both the extra funds and the deposited capital.

Claim Up to 100% Deposit Bonus

Terms and Conditions

The promotion comes with terms and conditions that should be carefully read and accepted. Here’s a summary of key information to know when claiming the bonus.

  • The extra funds from the bonus will be credited only on the first two deposits made by the client and will be calculated on the total deposited funds (first and second deposits). As a result, no bonus will be applied on subsequent deposits. The total extra bonus funds cannot exceed the account balance.
  • To activate the promotion, customers need to make a request before executing any trading operations. Otherwise, the bonus may be activated at the company’s discretion.
  • Bonus credits cannot be transferred from one account to another for any reason. If this occurs, the broker will cancel the bonus.
  • Traders can access the promotion only once and with a single account. Each customer cannot have multiple accounts with this or other active promotions. Traders with active promotions on their accounts can access the bonus by removing any previously activated promotions.
  • The Deposit Bonus will be credited and calculated only based on the total deposited amount, not on each individual deposit.
  • There is no maximum limit to the extra funds a trader can receive from the promotion.
  • The extra funds from the promotion cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances but can only be used for trading purposes. The bonus cannot be lost and should not be considered a solution to increase margin levels below 100%.
  • Accounts with active promotions cannot use the Copy Trading service. PAMM accounts are not eligible to claim the bonus.
  • The bonus may be removed from the MT4 platform if: the account’s actual margin level reaches the Margin Call level or the withdrawal amount is equal to or greater than the current balance.
  • If the trader opts to use the cTrader platform, the bonus will not be removed in case of withdrawal or transfer requests. In such cases, the bonus will be scaled down based on the operation performed (if the cash capital reduces and becomes lower than the total bonus).
  • On the cTrader platform, bonus extra funds can be converted to balance by meeting trading requirements: 1 USD for every 100k USD in volume (or equivalent).

For more detailed information, interested traders can visit the official website and contact the support team.

Claim Up to 100% Deposit Bonus

TopFX Accounts

As mentioned earlier, the promotion is accessible to anyone who wishes to request it. Each trader must have a verified real TopFX account. All account types are eligible for the offer, with the exception of PAMM accounts. Below is a detailed table containing the features of each account type offered by the broker.

Features Zero Account Raw Account VIP Account
Available Currencies USD, EUR, GBP USD, EUR, GBP USD, EUR, GBP
Spread Variable from 1 pip Variable from 0.0 pip Variable from 0.2 pip
Maximum Leverage Up to 1:1000 Up to 1:1000 Up to 1:1000
Minimum Trade Size 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Trade Size 100 lots 100 lots 100 lots
Commissions None $2.75 per side per lot None
cTrader Minimum Deposit No minimum deposit $5,000 $50,000
MT4 Minimum Deposit $500 $5,000 $50,000
cTrader Cashback $1.00-$200,000 $1.00-$200,000 $1.00-$100,000
MT4 Stop Out 35% 35% 35%
cTrader Stop Out 30% 30% 30%
Margin Call 100% 100% 100%
Scalping Allowed Allowed Allowed
Hedging Allowed Allowed Allowed
EA – Robot Available Available Available
Platforms cTrader or MT4 cTrader or MT4 cTrader or MT4
Execution Model No Dealing Desk No Dealing Desk No Dealing Desk
Islamic Account Available Available Available
Liquidity TopFX TopFX TopFX

Please note that the required minimum deposit for the “Zero” account type varies based on the selected payment method for the transaction.

Claim Up to 100% Deposit Bonus