Tifia Lucky Draw Information

Do you live in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore or Philippines? Then you can participate to this promotion!

Promotion Category Lucky Draw, Lottery, Trading Bonus
How to join Deposit $500 and Trade 20 lots
Fund Withdrawal Available at anytime
The number of winners 5

Tifia will have a gala dinner in the region where they will announce the winner of lucky draw in front of all participants!

To the gala dinner, all participants to the promotion are invited.

The list of prizes of Tifia’s lucky draw are followings:

1st place Toyota Yaris car
2nd and 3rd places Yamaha NMAX motorcycles
4th and 5th places iPhone Xs smartphones

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How to participate Tifia’s Lucky Draw

The promotion ends on December 20, 2019 and you can participate at anytime before the date.

If you live in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore or Philippines, follow the steps below to participate to Tifia’s lucky draw promotion.

1. Signup and open an account Tifia

Signup for Tifia and open a real trading account.

You can join Tifia’s Lucky Draw with start (micro), classic and ECN Pro account types.

Tifia Online Registration

2. Deposit more than 500 USD to get a lucky ticket

Deposit more than 500 USD to Tifia to receive a lucky ticket.

You will get 1 lucky ticket for each $500 deposit.

For example, if you deposit $3000 you will receive 6 lucky tickets.

Note that these lucky tickets need to be activated by trading 20 lots to participate to the lucky draw.

3. Trade 20 lots to activate each lucky ticket

To activate your lucky ticket, you must trade 20 standard lots.

For example, if you trade 60 standard lots, you can activate 3 lucky tickets.

Note that only trades of Forex Major, Forex Crosses and Forex Minor are counted towards the calculation.

*Trading on bonus isn’t calculated towards the promotion.

*Trading volume of locking positions are excluded from the promotion.

4. Participate in the lottery, the gala dinner to win cool prizes

The promotion runs until 23:59:59 December 20, 2019 server time.

If you have lucky tickets activated by meeting the trading volume requirements, you may participate to their gala dinner which will be organized within the region.

At the gala dinner, Tifia will ruffle the tickets and pickup 5 lucky winners randomly.

All participants to the Lucky Draw promotion are invited to the dinner party.

Tifia Official Website