SuperForex 3000% Easy Deposit Bonus Table of Contents

SuperForex 3000% Easy Deposit Bonus

Activate the bonus with just one dollar and receive extra funds totaling $750.

3000% Easy Deposit by SuperForex

SuperForex is a highly regulated online broker that provides its services in over 150 countries worldwide. Chosen by millions of traders for its highly advantageous features, the broker offers a trading environment tailored to the needs of all types of traders. It offers a wide range of fully customizable services to suit clients’ styles, allowing them to invest in markets worldwide with trading conditions that few can provide. All of this is available on one of the most popular trading platforms globally, MT4. To explore the broker’s detailed features, simply visit the official website to understand the benefits of investing with an industry giant.

In addition to its efficient services and diverse investment options, the broker offers its clients numerous compelling promotional initiatives. Among the various available offers, the 3000% Easy Deposit promotion has consistently generated significant interest among traders due to its simple yet advantageous features.

In practice, this promotion allows any trader to receive a bonus equal to 3000% of their deposited amount, up to a total bonus fund of $750. The promotion is accessible to clients with a verified Mini Standard ECN account type. The additional funds from this initiative cannot be withdrawn but can be used for trading purposes. Profits can be withdrawn once certain trading conditions are met.

Proclaimed as the best bonus at SuperForex.
One of the most popular promotions of the year, benefiting countless traders by providing advantages in trading without excessive risk.
Nearly negligible minimum deposit.
To activate the promotion and receive extra funds, a single dollar deposit is sufficient. A suitable option for those not looking to invest substantial amounts.
An excellent solution for beginners.
Novice traders eager to gain experience without risking more than necessary can leverage the bonus to invest the minimum required.
Promotion 3000% Easy Deposit
Minimum Required Deposit Starting from $1
Withdrawal of Extra Funds Not available
Profit Withdrawal Available anytime upon meeting trading conditions
Compatible Accounts Mini Standard ECN
Maximum Bonus Amount $750
Trading Restrictions None
Usage Duration Unlimited
Compatibility with Other Promotions None

Claim the 3000% Easy Deposit at SuperForex

How to Claim the Bonus

To access the promotion, the trader must have a verified Mini Standard ECN account. To proceed with claiming the bonus, follow these simple steps:

Open a Mini Standard ECN Account.
Visit the official SuperForex website and click on “Sign Up.” Provide necessary registration information such as name, address, country, phone number, and valid email. Select the account type compatible with the promotion (Mini Standard ECN).
To validate the registration, the client needs to provide proof of identity and country of residence. This requires submitting a valid identification document and a document verifying the country of residence (such as a recent utility bill).
Claim the 3000% Easy Deposit.
To make the claim, the client should access their client area and choose the “Bonus” tab located in the left menu of the screen. Then click on “Get the Easy Deposit bonus.”
Fund the Account.
By depositing the desired amount, the bonus will be automatically credited.

Claim the 3000% Easy Deposit at SuperForex

Terms and Conditions

Like any other broker-offered promotion, the 3000% Easy Deposit has specific terms and conditions that traders must be aware of and agree to. Below is a summary of key information to access the initiative. For more detailed information, please visit the official website.

  • Each trader can claim the bonus on a maximum of three accounts and up to two times per individual account.
  • The maximum allowed leverage is 1:100.
  • Internal fund transfers will not be considered deposits and thus are not valid for receiving the bonus.
  • The withdrawal of profits must exceed the credited bonus amount.
  • The usage duration of the extra funds is unlimited.
  • The initial deposit is considered part of the bonus and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Profit withdrawal is only permitted for strictly verified accounts with all positions closed.
  • The withdrawable amount varies based on the deposit amount and the number of traded lots.
  • To calculate the withdrawable profit amount, the formula used is: deposit amount X 200%.
  • The withdrawable profit amount is also influenced by the traded lots. One traded lot equals 2 dollars. For instance, to withdraw $30, the client must trade at least 15 lots. Each traded lot must have a positive result of at least +5 pips to be considered for calculation.
  • Each client has a single withdrawal opportunity. After the withdrawal, the bonus will be cancelled.
  • The maximum trading volume per individual trade cannot exceed 0.5 lots. The stop-out level is 50%, and the margin call level is 100%.

Claim the 3000% Easy Deposit at SuperForex

Mini Standard ECN Account Features

As the Mini Standard ECN account is the only account compatible with this offer, it’s important to know its features.

Minimum Deposit $5
Maximum Deposit Unlimited
Recommended Deposit $50
Bonus Compatibility All offered bonuses
Lot Size $10,000
Maximum Leverage 1:1000
Swaps Yes
Spreads Variable
Copy Trading Forex Compatibility No

Open a Mini Standard ECN Account at SuperForex