StormGain 5% Deposit Bonus

What is StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus?

StormGain has launched a new bonus promotion “5% Deposit Bonus”.

In this promotion, you can get a 5% Deposit Bonus in Cryptocurrency by making a deposit of at least 50 USDT to StormGain.

The credited bonus amount can be used to support your investment activities.

StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus promotion runes only until September 30th, 2021.

Are you interested in investing in Cryptocurrency markets with StormGain? Now is a good time to start with a 5% Deposit Bonus.

Receive StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus

Summary of StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus

See the table below for the summary of StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus promotion.

Available forAll investors of StormGain
Bonus percentage5% on every deposit
Maximum bonus amount$100,000
Requirement to receive the bonusAt least 50 USDT deposit
Withdrawal of deposit bonusUnavailable

Until September 30th, 2021, you have a chance to receive StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus of up to $100,000.

Open StormGain’s Account

How to get StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus?

  1. Go to StormGain’s Official Website;
  2. Open a Cryptocurrency wallet with StormGain;
  3. Deposit at least 50 USDT or equivalent amount into your account;
  4. Receive StormGain’s 5% Deposit Bonus within a few days.

You just need to register for the Promo. It will only take a few seconds.

These bonus funds are ineligible for withdrawal.

If you withdraw your funds within 90 days from the date you received the bonus, the full bonus amount will be deducted from the account.

The maximum amount of bonus funds ineligible for withdrawal shall not exceed 20% of the total balance of such an account.

Go to StormGain’s Official Website