StormGain 20% Deposit Bonus Table of Contents


Join StormGain’s Loyalty Program for Bonus

For all live trading account holders, StormGain offers the Loyalty Program.

To StormGain’s Loyalty Program, you can join for free and one of the benefits you can get is the “Trading Bonus” (Deposit Bonus).

Through StormGain’s Loyalty Program, you can get up to 20% Trading Bonus.

There are levels within the loyalty program, and you can stay in the higher level and earn a higher amount of bonus by trading more with StormGain.

There is no other requirement or fees involved to StormGain’s loyalty program.

Open StormGain’s Account for free today and start investing in the Cryptocurrency markets to get the Trading Bonus.

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How much Deposit Bonus you can get from StormGain?

As mentioned previously, the percentage of StormGain’s Trading Bonus depends on the monthly trading volume you make.

See the table below to find out how much trading volume is required to reach each level of StormGain’s loaylty program.

Loyalty Level Standard Gold Platinum Diamond VIP 1 VIP 2 VIP 3
Required Monthly Trading Volume None 150,000 USDT 750,000 USDT 2,500,000 USDT 7,500,000 USDT 15,000,000 USDT 75,000,000 USDT
Trading Bonus None 5% 8% 12% 15% 18% 20%

To get the maximum 20% Trading Bonus, you need to be at the “VIP 3” level.

To reach the level, you only need to trade 750 standard lots worth of deals.

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How to get StormGain’s Deposit Bonus?

To get StormGain’s Trading Bonus, the process is straightforward.

First, you need to open a live trading account with StormGain.

If you wish to receive 25 USDT Trading Bonus, then you need to use the promo code when you open the account. For more information about StormGain’s 25 USDT Welcome BOnus, visit the page here.

Once you have opened an account, you need to make a deposit (transfer your Cryptocurrency) to your account.

You can also purchase Bitcoin directly on StormGain’s platform with your credit/debit card.

After making a deposit, start trading to reach a higher level in the loyalty program.

To reach the first level of StormGain’s loyalty program, you only need to trade 1.5 standard lots.

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