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PRIMECashback × CoinTR

PRIMECashback × CoinTR, revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading with lucrative cashback offers!

In cryptocurrency trading, every decision counts. The choice of the right trading platform can make a significant difference in your trading experience and profitability.

Enter CoinTR – a platform that doesn’t just promise cutting-edge trading options and robust security but also rewards your activity.

Now, in partnership with PRIMECashback, CoinTR is offering an unmatched benefit: 10% cashback on trading costs for CoinTR users.

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How To Earn Cashback on CoinTR

Getting cashback on your CoinTR account is a straightforward process:

  1. Sign Up for CoinTR: Start by creating an account on CoinTR via the FX PrimeCashBack button.
  2. Register an Account on FX PrimeCashBack: After setting up your CoinTR account, register it on FX PrimeCashBack to track your cashback.
  3. Receive Confirmation Email: Look out for a confirmation email. Once received, all your subsequent trades on CoinTR will accrue cashback.

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What is CoinTR?

CoinTR isn’t just any cryptocurrency trading platform.

It’s an ecosystem developed by financial industry leaders, licensed by key financial bodies like FinCEN, and designed to cater to all levels of traders.

Offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Doge, in both spot and contract markets with leverage options of up to 125x, CoinTR is setting the stage for a comprehensive trading experience.

Additionally, CoinTR stands out with its user-friendly features such as QR code transfers, price alerts, and a handy desktop price plugin.

And let’s not forget the enticing user incentives including bonuses and activity rewards.

Benefit from the PRIMECashback

Why Choose PRIMECashback?

With PRIMECashback, your trading doesn’t just have potential; it has guaranteed returns in the form of cashback, regardless of the outcome of your trades.

PRIMECashback ensures competitive rates, surpassing other cashback services, and is a secure, automated system as an official partner of CoinTR.

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The Trustworthy Team Behind CoinTR

The leadership of CoinTR comprises esteemed individuals like Ali EŞELİOĞLU and Şakir Ercan GÜL, who have held notable positions in Turkey’s financial governance, enhancing the platform’s compliance and reliability.

These leaders ensure that CoinTR’s services are aligned with international financial management standards and secure users’ assets meticulously.

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Secure and Compliant Exchange

CoinTR goes above and beyond when it comes to compliance and security.

It has earned global compliance regulatory licenses, including from the US and EU, and cooperates with trusted Turkish banks for seamless transactions.

Its adherence to SOX404, GAAP, and ISO27001 standards, alongside a highly secure wallet solution, ensures the safeguarding of user assets, which currently stand at a value of over 50 Billion USDT.

Benefit from the PRIMECashback

Advanced and Accessible Trading

CoinTR’s trading system is tested and audited to guarantee the highest level of uptime and reliability.

The platform boasts a cutting-edge system with multi-node availability, minimal latency, and a tech team derived from the industry’s finest to ensure system stability.

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On-the-Go Trading with the CoinTR App

The convenience of trading anywhere at any time is a reality with the CoinTR app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

This accessibility, combined with CoinTR’s financial licenses and adherence to stringent financial management criteria, provides a secure and trusted environment for all your trading needs.

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Copy Trade – Trade Like the Best

CoinTR’s copy trade feature allows users to emulate the trades of successful traders automatically.

This function simplifies trading and opens the door to sharing in the success of the most skilled traders in the market.

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All-in-One Platform for Crypto Transactions

From a rich and diverse trading model to a plethora of payment options, CoinTR caters to every trader’s need.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply exploring different trading strategies, CoinTR provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform supported by 24/7 customer service.

PRIMECashback × CoinTR is more than a trading platform; it’s a partnership that values your trading engagement, rewarding it with substantial cashback.

It’s an alliance that not only empowers your trading journey but also enriches it with every transaction you make.

Sign up today to transform how you trade in the cryptocurrency world and to start earning your cashback with every trade.

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