PRIMECashback × CoinEX 4.5% Trading Cost Cashback Table of Contents


PRIMECashback and CoinEx – Get 4.5% Trading Cost Cashback Now!

In an exciting collaboration designed to enhance the trading experience, PRIMECashback joins forces with CoinEx, the professional global cryptocurrency exchange, to offer an exceptional deal: a 4.5% cashback on trading costs for CoinEx users.

Here’s how you can leverage this opportunity to maximize your trading benefits.

Seize Your Cashback in Three Simple Steps:

  1. Kick-Start on CoinEx: Tap into the extensive cryptocurrency market by opening an account with CoinEx through FX PrimeCashBack.
  2. Register with FX PrimeCashBack: After creating your CoinEx account, register it on FX PrimeCashBack to track your trading activities.
  3. Confirmation and Rewards: Once you’ve received a confirmation email from FX PrimeCashBack, rest easy knowing that each of your subsequent trades will carry a cashback reward.

Open PRIMECashback × CoinEX Account

What is CoinEx?

CoinEx is not just any cryptocurrency exchange; it’s a global trading powerhouse, offering a vast array of over 700 cryptocurrencies including market leaders like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

From spot to margin, to futures trading with up to 100x leverage, CoinEx stands out with a robust platform engineered for security, speed (10,000 transactions per second), and transparency.

Get Cashback through CoinEX

Cashback Across the Board

No matter what your trading preference or account type, CoinEx, in partnership with PRIMECashback, ensures that your trading journey is more rewarding.

The registration is hassle-free, and the cashback is designed to cater to every trader using the platform.

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Why PRIMECashback?

PRIMECashback elevates your trading game by guaranteeing the most competitive cashback rates, adding value to every trade you make, successful or not.

The partnership with CoinEx means you engage with a service that’s not only secure but also automated, ensuring you never miss out on financial prospects.

Open PRIMECashback × CoinEX Account

The Pioneering Edge of CoinEx

Since its inception in December 2017, CoinEx, powered by a core team from world-renowned tech and financial institutions, has been dedicated to delivering a seamless, safe, and stable digital asset trading platform.

With the integration of PRIMECashback’s cashback offer, trading on CoinEx becomes even more compelling.

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Features that Set CoinEx Apart

  • Timely Market Insights: Stay ahead with a user-friendly interface that provides immediate access to market trends.
  • Extensive Trading Markets: Engage with over 500 high-quality cryptocurrencies and enjoy professional-grade trading tools.
  • Swift and Reliable Transactions: Experience rapid and stable deposits and withdrawals, underpinned by a 100% reserve and cutting-edge blockchain technology.
  • Digital Asset Management Made Easy: Manage your portfolio effortlessly with CoinEx’s trusted asset management services.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Benefit from 24/7 multilingual customer support and a trading platform that prioritizes user experience.

Get Cashback through CoinEX

CoinEx Token – CET: The Cherry on Top

CET, CoinEx’s native token, enriches your trading experience with trading fee discounts, VIP services, and exclusive promotional privileges.

Plus, its daily repurchase plan continuously adds value to CET holders.

With PRIMECashback, CoinEx users now have an even more lucrative way to trade.

It’s not just about trading; it’s about earning rewards every time you trade.

This partnership reaffirms CoinEx’s mission to make the world better through blockchain, and PRIMECashback’s dedication to adding value to your trading endeavors.

Don’t let this golden chance slip through your fingers—start trading and earning your cashback today!

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