Get PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus today

Bitcoin almost touched the $18,500 resistance on PrimeBit, then instantly fell down to $17,235 for a second, only to bounce back to $18,000.

This correction was no surprise to the bullish traders, who still believe BTCUSD should soar in the near future.

Nothing is certain in the crypto market, but you definitely shouldn’t miss this opportunity to trade bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin contracts.

Now PrimeBit is offering $60 Deposit Bonus to support its clients’ trading activities.

Deposit more than 0.003 BTC or 50 USDT, and get up to a $60 Deposit Bonus today.

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Amount of PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus

The amount of PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus depends on the deposit amount.

See the table below for the applicable bonus amount.

Deposit Amount Bonus Amount
More than 0.003 BTC or 50 USDT $5
More than 0.01 BTC or 150 USDT $10
More than 0.1 BTC or 1500 USDT $60

Note that PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus is credited for your first-time deposit.

To PrimeBit, you can transfer funds in both BTC and USDT.

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How to get PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus?

PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus is credited automatically for the first-time new deposit.

Follow the simple step below to get PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus today.

  1. Go to PrimeBit Official Website.
  2. Open a live trading account.
  3. Deposit BTC or USDT.
  4. Get the bonus automatically.

The bonus will be credited to your live trading account automatically within 2 business days.

The bonus will be directly credited to your account, and you can use them for trading purposes.

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Withdrawal Condition of PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus

PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus can be used only for trading purposes.

You cannot withdraw PrimeBit’s $60 Deposit Bonus.

You can withdraw your own funds and profits at any time you want with no limit.

Upon any withdrawal requests, the bonus amount will be canceled from the account.

The bonus may expire after 180 days.

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