4 steps of Phemex $180 Welcome Bonus

Get back up to $180 worth of transaction fees. Start investing in cryptocurrency today.

To get the bonuses, you need to complete the following tasks.

1. $10 Deposit Voucher

Depoait at least 0.003 BTC or 0.04 ETH.

Complete real-name authentication.

2. Retweet on official social media

Follow and Retweet on the official Phemex account and the fixed main tweet.

Complete your identity verification.

Enter your Twitter account (see example). After Phemex review, you will receive a 10$ bonus.

3. Get a $130 voucher on your next deposit

Deposit at least 0.05BTC BTC, 2000 USDT, 1.5 ETH, 80 LINK, 700 XTZ, or 15 LTC.

If your deposit meets one of the above requirements and the cumulative BTCUSD-BTC margin contract volume exceeds $50,000, you will be
eligible to receive the voucher. Want to get more cryptocurrency? Buy now at Phemex.

4. Start Trading Crypto for a $30 Bonus

$10 for 1 spot transaction over 500 USDT.

$20 for 1 BTCUSD-BTC margin contract trade of over $5,000.

Cryptocurrency purchases on Phemex are counted as deposits! It’s a convenient and secure process, and you can purchase with a credit or debit card. You can also participate in OTC transactions and make purchases via bank transfer.

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Terms and Conditions of the promotion

Vouchers given upon completion of the above missions can currently only be used for spot transaction fee rebates. The transaction fee will be refunded in USDT to your spot wallet within 2 hours of the transaction.

For details and usage of cashback vouchers, please refer to the Help Center.

Bonuses can be used to open positions, pay commissions, and cover losses. You can pay as a bonus up to 50% of your fees and losses before using your funds. Direct withdrawals or transfers between trading accounts are not possible.

Attempting to withdraw directly from your trading account may result in the removal of all remaining bonuses.

Countries and regions where new user deposit vouchers, social media vouchers, and learning and financial rewards are not available: India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam. Users in this area may receive different rewards.

A $180 Cash Back Voucher will be awarded to Phemex members who meet the prerequisites outlined in the requirements above.

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