PaxForex offers 100% Deposit Bonus for loyal traders.

Double up your deposit with the promotion, and leverage your Cryptocurrency trading with PaxForex.

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Main Information of PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus

Please refer to the table below for the main information of the promotion.

Promotion100% Deposit Bonus
Available forAll traders of PaxForex
Promotion PeriodUnlimited
Bonus AmountUp to $10,000 per account and $30,000 per trader
Withdrawal of BonusNot available (available only for trading)
Withdrawal of ProfitAvailable without limit
Available Cryptocurrency pairsBitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin

PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus does not restrict withdrawals of you own fund and profit.

The promotion will simply increase the trading capital on your MT4 accounts.

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How to get PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus?

Getting PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus is simple and easy as follows:

  1. Open PaxForex Real Trading Account
    You can participate in this promotion with live accounts of any account types. You can also participate with multiple trading accounts.
  2. Deposit at least $1200
    The required minimum deposit amount to get the bonus is $1200 regardless of the account type you choose.
  3. Apply for the promotion
    Login to PaxForex Client Portal and apply for the promotion before start trading.
  4. Start trading with the bonus
    The bonus will be credited every month to your applicable account according to the promotion’s rule.

The total bonus amount is 100% on your total net deposit amount.

The total bonus amount will be divided in 12 and each of them will be credited monthly to your account for the next 12 months.

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How the bonus will be credited?

The promotion is suited for loyal traders of PaxForex who continue to trade for at least 12 months.

It is because the bonus will be credited through 12 months of time period.

The total bonus amount you will get eventually equals to 100% of your net deposit minus net withdrawal amount.

The total bonus amount is divided in 12, and it will be credited every month (every 31 days).

For example, if the total bonus amount is $1,200 then the monthly credit will be $100.

If you make additional deposits to your bonus account, then the bonus amount will be also increased accordingly.

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Bonus Cancellation rules

The bonus amount of the promotion is available only for trading purpose.

In case of any fund withdrawals, PaxForex may remove proportionally the granted Deposit Bonus based on the your profit and/or loss ratio or deposit and/or withdrawal ratio.

For more information, you may contact PaxForex support team before proceeding with fund withdrawals.

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Summary of requirement of PaxForex’s 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus

There are some rules that you must follow to not lose or cancel the bonus amount.

Here are 3 main rules.

  1. Trade necessary number of lots which is “Monthly bonus / 10”.
  2. Equity on the trading account must be not less than planning deposit bonuses amount.
  3. Net Deposit amount should be more than 0.

As long as you follow the rules, the promotion will be a great support for your trading.

The participation in the promotion won’t restrict withdrawals of your own fund and profit.

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