Trade with HotForex, Get Loyalty Points and Exchange them for rewards!

HotForex’s Trading Bonus promotion ‘Loyalty Program’

HotForex runs this Loyalty Program, which traders can earn HF Bars by continuously trading on its MT4.

In the below table, you can find out ‘How to earn’ and the ‘types of rewards’ of the promotion.

Promotion Loyalty Program
How to earn HF Bar
  1. Register for the program from the Client Portal
  2. Trade with HotForex
  3. Earn HotForex Bars
  4. Exchange the HotForex Bars for rewards
Cash Rewards & Other Gifts
  • 35 HF Bars: 1 USD
  • 150 HF Bars: Subscription to AUTOCHARTIST (1 month)
  • 1,100 HF Bars: Solver VPS Package (1 month)
  • 2,500 HF Bars: 1 hour Private session with HotForex’s Market Analyst
  • 3,100 HF Bars: Solver VPS Package (3 months)
Withdrawal condition of Cash Reward Cash rewards you earned by exchanging HF Bars, can be withdrawn at anytime.

HotForex’s Loyalty Program is an all-time popular promotion running since the year 2016, and now you can earn 100 HF Bars at first just by registering for the program and deposit 300 USD.

* PAMM Masters and Investors account, Demo account and Contest accounts cannot join this promotion.
** The minimum amount of HF Bars you need to exchange for rewards is 1,000.

Open HotForex Real Account

Requirements to earn HotForex Bars

From HotForex’s Official Website, you can register for accounts and the Loyalty Program as follows:

1. Open an account and Deposit more than $300

By opening an account (which includes verification) and deposit over $300, you can already earn 100 HF Bars.

2. Continuous Trading

HotForex Bars will be rewarded to the trader automatically for every 1 standard lot trade.

By trading longer period, the number of HotForex Bars you can earn for the same trading volume, will increase.

Rank Trading Period HotForex Bar per lot
Red More than 0 day 6 HF Bars/lot
Silver More than 31 day 8 HF Bars/lot
Gold More than 62 day 10 HF Bars/lot
Platinum More than 105 day 12 HF Bars/lot

Note that only the following positions will be eligible for receiving HotForex Bars.

  • Forex pairs, Gold and Silver
  • The positions opened over 5 minutes
  • The positions closed more than 5 pips away from the opening price

The rewarding of HotForex Bars will be made daily.

*** The promotion (the reward) happens only when there is a trading activity which excludes deposits and withdrawals. Also if you haven’t traded for 30 days continuously, the promotion will be reset and the you rank will be ‘Red’.

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