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Why Choose HFM for Crypto Trading

Every trader knows that consistent investing in the markets can be challenging. Having the necessary preparation and experience to make the most of every investment opportunity is sometimes not enough to achieve your goals. Especially in highly volatile markets like cryptocurrencies, leveraging cutting-edge tools and services provided by a reliable broker is essential to maximize profits from every trade.

HFM is a strictly regulated and industry-leading broker that offers traders a wide range of crypto instruments to trade with highly favorable trading conditions. Through cryptocurrency Contracts for Difference (CFDs), clients can invest in the price fluctuations of a particular asset without actually owning it. This feature is perfectly suited to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

  • Possibility to trade on margin without locking up all your funds.
  • Minimal trading commissions (1 USD per round-turn lot).
  • Excellent risk management through limits and stop levels.
  • Fund safety guaranteed by negative balance protection (ensuring traders cannot lose more than their deposited amount).
  • Full control over trades through the award-winning HFM mobile app.
  • Maximum leverage of 1:50.
  • Among the lowest spreads in the market.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with HFM

HFM Loyalty Program

In addition to the excellent trading environment, HFM invests significant resources in creating exciting promotional initiatives. Among them, the HFM Trading Rewards loyalty program is considered the most rewarding by traders.

Here’s how it works: The promotion is open to both new registrants and traders who already have a real HFM account. The minimum deposit required to participate is $300. Interested traders can register for the program through the myHF portal. By participating in the program, traders simply need to invest to earn as many bars as possible, which can be exchanged later for credit bonuses, cash, or valuable trading services. For every round-turn lot traded, the client will receive a certain number of bars. The quantity of bars varies for each client based on the level reached in the program. Essentially, the more active trading days a trader accumulates, the more HFM bars they can receive for each round-turn lot traded. Continuous trading for a certain number of days (during which opening and closing at least one position is required) allows the trader to move up to the next level. There are four different levels:

Level Minimum Requirements Bars per Traded Lot
Red Registration 6
Silver 31 active trading days 8
Gold 62 active trading days 10
Platinum 105 active trading days 12

Join the HFM Trading Rewards Loyalty Program

The number of bars a client can receive also varies based on the type of instrument traded:

Level Forex, Gold, Silver DMA Stocks, ETFs Forex, Gold, Silver with Cent Account
Red 6 0.06 0.06
Silver 8 0.08 0.08
Gold 10 0.10 0.10
Platinum 12 0.12 0.12

Join the HFM Trading Rewards Loyalty Program

After accumulating a sufficient number of bars, clients can exchange them for various rewards or cash:

Available Reward Required HFM Bars
$1 Credit Bonus 2 bars
$1 Cash Reward 35 bars
1-month subscription to Autochartist 150 bars
1-month access to Silver VPS 1100 bars
1-hour private session with an HFM market analyst 2500 bars
3-month access to Silver VPS 3100 bars

It’s important to know that:

  • Trades considered eligible must be open and closed for a duration of more than 5 minutes, with an opening/closing price difference of at least 5 pips.
  • An active trading day will only be considered if the client has opened and/or closed at least one position.
  • By opening an account, completing the registration, and depositing a minimum amount of $300, the client will receive 100 bars.
  • By referring a friend, the client can receive 170 bars. The trader will receive the bars once the friend has: opened an active account, completed registration, funded the account, and traded at least 1 round-turn Standard lot (100,000 units).
  • PAMM accounts, demo accounts, and contest accounts are not eligible for the promotion.
  • The minimum number of HFM bars that a trader can convert to receive cash is 1000.
  • Bonus credits cannot be withdrawn but can only be used for trading purposes.
  • Cash rewards can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Operations performed before registering for the program will not be considered for bar allocation.
  • Transferring bars between different accounts is not allowed.
  • A client can refer up to a maximum of five friends in total.
  • If a trader remains inactive for 30 days, they will immediately be downgraded to the lowest loyalty level, and their loyalty balance will be reset.

Join the HFM Trading Rewards Loyalty Program

Promotion Type Loyalty Program
Who Can Participate? All HF Markets clients
Requirements Account verification and minimum deposit of $300
Maximum Reward Amount $10,000
Cashback Rate $1 per 35 HFM lots traded
Participation in Other Promotions Not compatible with other initiatives.
Minimum Deposit $300

Join the HFM Trading Rewards Loyalty Program