FXGiants 60% Bonus Advantage Table of Contents

FXGiants 60% Bonus Advantage

A promotion, double advantage: 60% bonus on the first deposit and 40% on subsequent deposits!

FXGiants and the Bonus Advantage

Maximizing profit from trades is the main goal of every trader. In a highly volatile market like cryptocurrencies, having full control over the risks is essential to avoid significant losses. To invest in cryptocurrencies successfully, traders know they need to diversify their portfolios, have sufficient funds to navigate the market, and carefully study the trends of the chosen investment instrument.

FXGiants is a globally renowned broker that is rigorously regulated and fully aware of the risks that every trader faces when investing in cryptocurrencies. To support its clients, FXGiants commits numerous resources to provide a cutting-edge trading environment with extremely favorable trading conditions.

As a broker that operates with complete transparency and legality, FXGiants offers state-of-the-art tools, zero trading costs (with spreads starting from 0.0 pips), no hidden clauses or commissions, and much more.

  • A multilingual support team among the best in the world, available 24/7, composed of industry experts ready to assist with any need.
  • Nearly instant and secure deposits and withdrawals that clients can make through a wide range of available payment methods.
  • A dedicated section for constantly updated promotional offers to support clients in their trading activities.

Among the available promotions, the Bonus Advantage is certainly noteworthy. In practice, this promotion allows applicants to enjoy a 60% bonus on the first deposit and an additional 40% bonus on subsequent deposits, for a total bonus of up to $15,000. The extra funds cannot be withdrawn but can only be used for trading purposes, while profits can be withdrawn at any time.

  • Each trader can request the bonus only once and for a single account.
  • To be eligible for the promotion, the minimum required deposit is $1,000 for both the 60% bonus and the 40% bonus on subsequent deposits.
  • The bonus funds cannot be withdrawn but can be lost.
  • The extra funds will be included in the account balance.
  • Once the stop-out level is reached, the promotion will be canceled.
  • The promotion is accessible to both existing and new traders.
Promotion FXGiants Bonus Advantage (60% bonus on the first deposit and 40% on subsequent deposits)
Minimum required deposit $1,000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies)
Maximum bonus amount $15,000
Bonus percentage 60% on the first deposit and an additional 40% on subsequent deposits
Compatible accounts FXGiants Live Floating or Live Fixed
Bonus utilization period To be updated
Bonus withdrawal Not withdrawable
Profit withdrawal Available at any time
Compatibility with other offers The Bonus Advantage is compatible with the No Deposit Bonus

Please note that since they are compatible, it is advisable to take advantage of the No Deposit Bonus offered by the broker first and then request the Bonus Advantage. However, this option is valid only for new registrants.

Take advantage of the FXGiants Bonus Advantage

How to claim the promotion

As mentioned earlier, the offer is accessible to any trader. The eligible accounts to claim the offer are FXGiants Live Floating and Live Fixed accounts. It is important to note that if a customer wishes to opt for a different type of account not compatible with the promotion, the broker will automatically open an additional account to receive the promotion at the time of the request.

To claim the Bonus, simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1.
The customer needs to visit the official website and click on “open account,” a button located at the top right of the page.
Step 2.
In this phase, the customer needs to provide all the necessary information to open the account through a form, including name, surname, valid email, phone number, country of origin, choosing the right platform for their style, the account type (compatible account is recommended), base currency, and leverage.
Step 3.
To complete the registration and activate the account, the customer needs to go through a verification process, which requires providing their real identity and country of origin. This involves providing a valid identification document and a recent utility bill as proof of address.
Step 4.
Now the client will have the full right to request the FXGiants Bonus Advantage.

Take advantage of the FXGiants Bonus Advantage

The accounts compatible with the offer, Live Floating and Live Fixed, have similar characteristics. The only difference lies in the type of spread. Specifically:

  • The spread for the Live Floating account is variable, starting from 1.0 pip.
  • The spread for the Live Fixed account is fixed, starting from 1.3 pips.

Other features, such as leverage up to 1:1000, minimum trade size starting from 0.01 lots, and no trading commissions, are common to both account types.

For more details on the terms and conditions regarding the bonus, interested individuals can visit the official website and contact the support team if needed.

Claim the FXGiants Bonus Advantage