FortFS 100% MegaProtect Deposit Bonus Table of Contents


FortFS’s 100% MegaProtect Deposit Bonus gives you up to $5000 extra capital which supports you during drawdowns.

The bonus can be used as margin, will remain in your account even when the account balance is below the bonus level.

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FortFS 100% MegaProtect Deposit Bonus Information

Here are the main information of FortFS’s MegaProtect Bonus.

Promotion Category Deposit Bonus
Bonus Amount 100% Bonus up to $5000 per account and $15000 per trader.
Account Types Fort and Flex account types
Requirement Account verification and 100 USD deposit
Available for All verified traders of FortFS
Promotion Period Unlimited
Withdrawal of Bonus Not available (only for trading purpose)
Withdrawal of Profit Available with conditions

The bonus cannot be received together with other bonuses.

To get the bonus, open “FORT” or “FLEX” account from the page below.

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How to get FortFS’s 100% MegaProtect Deposit Bonus?

To get FortFS’s 100% MegaProtect Deposit Bonus, follow the steps below.

  1. Open a live trading account
    You can receive the bonus on up to 3 live trading accounts of either “FORT” or “FLEX” account types. The account opening is free and may take only a few minutes to complete.
  2. Complete verification of your account profile
    To be eligible to receive the bonus, you must complete the verification of your account profile (with documents) and mobile number (with SMS). For more information about the account verification, please go to the last section.
  3. Deposit at least 100 USD
    Login to FortFS Client Portal, and choose a payment method to transfer fund to your account. The required minimum deposit amount is 100 USD.
  4. Get the bonus
    During the deposit procedure, make sure to tick the box to receive the MegaProtect Bonus. Note that accounts with over 1:500 leverage cannot select this bonus.

You can choose to receive the bonus on up to 3 live trading accounts.

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FortFS’s MegaProtect Bonus protects during drawdowns

FortFS’s MegaProtect Bonus will provide you 100% protection during drawdowns.

The bonus will stay in your account until they are lost or until you make a fund withdrawal before meeting the volume requirement.

Even if the account total balance is lower than the bonus level, the bonus will stay in your account to support your trading.

The bonus cannot be withdrawn like 50% Deposit Bonus, but can be a great help for your trading.

The available financial markets are Forex pairs, CFDs and Cryptocurrency pairs on MT4 and MT5.

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Withdrawal Conditions of FortFS’s MegaProtect Bonus promotion

Please note that there are rules when it comes to withdrawal of fund from the bonus account.

  1. Bonus Fund
    The bonus fund in the account can only be used for trading purpose, but cannot be withdrawn. The bonus can be lost by trading.
  2. Deposited Fund
    You can withdraw your own deposited fund at anytime you want. Withdrawal of your own fund before meeting the volume requirement (which is specified below) will cause full cancellation of the bonus amount.
  3. Profit in the bonus account
    Profits made in the bonus account are distributed to bonus side and your deposit fund side. Profits on your deposit fund side can be withdrawn with no limit. Profits on the bonus side can be withdrawn only after you have traded the required volume in the account which is calculated as: Bonus amount in USD or USDc / 2 (lots)

Once the volume requirement is met, you can withdraw your deposited fund and profits with no limit and continue trading with the bonus in the account.

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Available only for verified traders

Every client of Fort Financial Services needs to complete the verification procedure within 10 days after registration.

This process consists of the following steps:

In your trader’s room place the mouse pointer over “Profile” section in the main menu, and choose “Verification” subsection.

Login to FortFS Client Portal

The first step is the verification of your mobile phone number.

To verify your mobile number, press the “Get code” button.

In a few minutes you will receive a text message containing a code that you need to type in the field next to the button.

Click “Continue” afterwards to complete the step.

In case you do not get the message for a long time, you can use the alternative verification method – automatic call or contact FortFS’s customer support service using Online Consultant option on the top of the page.

The next step is the verification of the documents.

To verify your account profile, you need to upload at least 2 high-quality colored scans of your documents without any edition.

The main document must be a colored, full-sized scan-copy of your ID card or two pages spread of your inner or international Passport.

Second document may be a utility bill, bank statement or any other document that contains your full name and address issued not later than 2 months from the current date.

Please keep in mind that the maximum file size is 5 MB. FortFS accepts only the JPG or PNG format.

Press “Upload copies of documents”, then a pop-up window will appear.

There, you need to choose the required files.

Double click on the file and press the “Start upload” button afterwards, for the file to be uploaded.

Now your documents are passed to one of FortFS’s operators.

The verification process takes from 1 up to 9 working hours, depending on the number of requests.

After the documents will be operated you will receive an email with notification or further instruction.

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