ForexVox 100% Deposit Bonus

Boost your business volume with the Special Deposit Bonus.

Special Deposit Bonus offered by ForexVox

The “Special Deposit Bonus” is one of the most popular initiatives offered by the broker that allows traders to increase their deposit up to double it. Every trader will have the opportunity to decide the amount to receive, being able to choose between 25%, 50% or 100%. In practice, a promotion designed to be versatile as well as advantageous, suitable for the needs of any trader.

In order to have access to the promotion, the customer will have to make a minimum deposit of 100 USD and proceed with the request by sending an email to the support team. The extra funds resulting from the initiative can be used in trading and withdrawn if the minimum trading requirements are met. The maximum amount of extra funds that each customer can receive from the Special Deposit Bonus is 1000 USD. It will be possible to take advantage of the bonus for a maximum of 60 days, after which it will be automatically canceled.

Promotion Deposit bonus up to 100% (Special Deposit Bonus)
Minimum deposit required 100 USD
Bonus percentage Variable based on trader’s choice 25%, 50%, 100%
Maximum total bonus funds 1000 USD
Compatible accounts Standard
Bonus usage time 60 days
Withdrawal Available if minimum trading requirements are met
Profits withdrawal At any time

As mentioned, the bonus is withdrawable provided that the imposed trading requirements are met. Both the deposit made by the trader and the extra funds can be withdrawn immediately after having made an investment volume (in standard lots) calculated as follows:

Required lots quantity = The sum of the Bonus in USD / 2.

Eligible trades for the calculation must be closed and carried out only on Forex and Metals.

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How to receive the Deposit Bonus up to 100%

The interested customer can access the initiative by performing the following simple steps:

Open a new Standard account
To request access to the initiative, the customer must first be the holder of a real Standard type account.
Make the necessary minimum deposit.
The deposit required to be able to request the offer is 100 USD and can be made through the payment method most suitable for their needs. Subsequently, the customer will have to opt for the desired bonus amount, choosing between: 25%, 50%, or 100%.
Activation of the offer.
For activation, the customer will have to contact the support team via email at [email protected].
Start trading.
Once the bonus amount is received, the customer can start trading within the stipulated times (max 60 days).

Apply for the ForexVox Special Deposit Bonus

Terms and conditions of use

Reading carefully and accepting the conditions imposed by the broker is essential for the use of the offer. By consulting the following list, it will be possible to know the main information regarding the regulation of the Special Deposit Bonus offered by ForexVox.

  • The applicant can proceed to credit the funds necessary for the activation of the bonus through their Client Area.
  • The promotion allows customers to choose which percentage to apply to the promotion, choosing between 25%, 50%, or 100%.
  • The minimum deposit required is 100 USD.
  • The extra bonus funds will not be added to internal transfer deposits or other deposits resulting from the Company’s contests and promotions.
  • The promotion can be activated only on Standard type accounts. After making the deposit, the customer will have to contact the support team at the email address [email protected] and communicate the percentage to be applied to the promotion.
  • The total of the extra funds that the applicant can receive from the promotion is 1,000 USD.
  • The extra funds will be added to the credit and cannot be used during the “drawdown”. In the event that the deposited funds are less than the total sum of all active bonuses, the promotion and its extra funds will be automatically canceled.
  • At the time of crediting the bonus on the applicant’s account, the total funds will be divided into two parts: the funds actually deposited by the customer and the extra funds resulting from the promotion. The former represent the total of deposits, withdrawals (excluding bonuses) and any profits generated. In addition, the customer’s funds can be used in trading without any limitation.
  • The sum deposited for activation and the extra funds can be withdrawn if the trading conditions are met. The calculation that allows us to trace the minimum business volume required is as follows: Number of lots = sum of Bonus in USD / 2. Only closed operations on Forex and Metals will be valid for the calculation.
  • If the trader decides to make a withdrawal of funds during the entire promotional period, the bonus will be automatically deleted from the account. Any profits generated by trading using the extra funds can be withdrawn at any time deemed necessary.
  • In order to complete the trading requirements required for the withdrawal, the customer will have 60 days. After the time limit, the bonus will be canceled.

Open a Standard account and apply for the Special Deposit Bonus

Standard Account

As already mentioned, the Standard account is the only one compatible with the offer. The account features versatile characteristics, generally suitable for any category of trader. Below, by consulting the table, all the distinctive elements can be known.

Features Standard Account
Recommended deposit 100 USD
Maximum leverage 1:500
Trading commissions None
Trading tools Over 90
Available currency US Dollar
Minimum lot size 0.01
Maximum number of positions No limit
Margin call 100%
Stop out 50%

We would like to point out that to complete the account activation, the customer will have to undergo a verification that can prove his real identity and country of residence. The broker will require information such as first name, last name, address, phone number, email, nationality, date of birth, the sending of identification document (identity card, passport etc) and proof of residence address (recent electricity supply bill, bank document etc).

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