ForexChief Special Trader Package V5 Table of Contents


An additional service that offers cutting-edge functionality to maximize investment capabilities.

Forex Chief

Next-generation Forex Chief has committed its resources from the outset to creating a trading environment suitable for any purpose. Services, tools, and respectable investment conditions that allow traders to take advantage of every trading opportunity. A well-structured broker capable of meeting any needs.

Strictly regulated
With VFSC license as a securities dealer and member of the FMA.
Latest generation multifunctional trading platforms.
Among the best and most popular in the world, MT4 and MT5 represent the top of the range for online trading.
Wide range of instruments
Forex, metals, commodities, CFDs on indices, CFDs on stocks and crypto investments (including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherium and Ripple).
Extreme liquidity!
Extremely low spreads starting from 0 pips. No dealer and no requoting.
Negative balance protection.
Preventing you from losing more than what’s deposited in your account.
Promotional initiatives.
An extensive list of promotions created solely to support the customer in their investments.

Among the various promotions offered, the Special Trader Package V5 has sparked considerable interest among traders. The initiative offers the chance to take advantage of a package that includes various features, extremely useful for conducting your investment operations.

Especially in a highly volatile market like crypto, being able to use cutting-edge services and tools and being supported by a professional in the field allows traders to derive the greatest possible advantage from each exchange.

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Included in the Special Trader Package V5 initiative are:

Personal Manager
A professional in the sector who guides the trader in choosing investments. With significant experience allowing him to read between the lines of the market, the manager suggests the best investments to his client based on risk propensity, capital, and time horizon.
Personal analysis and instruction.
Any trader, regardless of knowledge level, needs to expand their cultural background and stay constantly updated. But to make each operation well structured, an accurate analysis of the markets and instruments on which to invest is essential.
Free VPS for MT5 platforms.
Through the service (totally free), the customer will be able to use automated trading tools (robot trading – EA) through remote servers, active 24/7.
Sponsored Robot/EA.
Through this function, the customer will only have to choose the EA/Robot best suited to their needs and use as they see fit. The robot’s purchase costs will be fully borne by the broker.
Investment support of 30%
An advantageous and interesting initiative that will allow the trader to use extra funds in trades. To find out how to request the offer and know the details, the interested party will have to contact their Personal Manager.
Fund withdrawal.
The customer who activates the offer on their account will be entitled to special treatment regarding fund withdrawal. Every withdrawal request will be processed more quickly than the usual processing times.

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How to apply for the offer

The offer is accessible to any interested trader. Regardless of how many accounts they have active with the broker, they can join the initiative.

To proceed with the request, simply follow the next steps:

  • As mentioned, the offer is available to any interested trader provided they have one or more active accounts with the broker. If the interested party does not yet have an account with Forex Chief and wants to take advantage of the promotion’s benefits, they can open a new real account by clicking here.
  • New subscribers will have to complete a verification process by sending documentation attesting to their identity and residence. Once they have been found eligible, they can access their account, deposit funds, and request the offer.
  • Through the Personal Area, the customer will have to make the actual request. The Personal Manager, after receiving the request, will contact the trader as soon as possible.
  • To have access to the promotion, the customer must have a total minimum balance (of one or more accounts) of $ 2000.

Please note that an interested trader without a real account with Forex Chief, by sending an email to [email protected], can request more detailed information regarding the initiative. The broker, through a Personal Manager, will promptly send any conditions of use to allow the potential customer to know every detail of the promotion before proceeding.

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Forex Chief Crypto Trading

The contractual specifications that will allow clients to invest in crypto are as follows:

Symbol Lot size Pip size Minimum spread in pips Average spread in pips Short trade Long trade Max leverage
BCH USD 1 BCH 0,001 100 400 -18% -18% 1:5
BTC USD 1 BTC 1 10 30 -18% -18% 1:5
ETH USD 1 ETH 0.01 20 110 -18% -18% 1:5
LTC USD 10 LTC 0,001 30 100 -18% -18% 1:5
XRP USD 100 XRP 0,0001 3 7 -18% -18% 1:5

Get ForexChief’s Special Trader Package V5