A 100% bonus on the first deposit for a max of $500 that can be invested without any restrictions.

ForexChief Welcome Bonus

An excellent incentive managed by the broker, the Welcome Bonus was created to allow new members to receive extra funds to use in trades. A valid support both for testing the trading environment offered and for expanding the volume of investments.

In practice, the promotional offer provides a bonus equal to 100% of the first deposit, for a total max of extra funds of $500. It will be automatically credited to the applicant’s account and once available, it can be used in trading without any restrictions. Both the extra bonus funds and any profits can be withdrawn:

Withdrawal of extra bonus funds.
The customer can proceed to withdraw the extra funds only if the trading conditions imposed are met.
Withdrawal of profits.
Any generated profit can be withdrawn at any time.
Promotion Welcome Bonus
Minimum required deposit $50
Total bonus amount $500
Bonus withdrawal Trading conditions met
Profit withdrawal Available
Compatible accounts MT4.DirectFX, MT4.Classic+, MT5.DirectFX, MT5.Classic+

We would like to point out that each new member will be entitled to a single bonus on a single account.

Get ForexChief’s 100% Bonus

As ForexChief is a broker aiming for full transparency in its operations, the promotion offered could not but have simple as well as advantageous features:

  1. Fast verification to receive the bonus
  2. Before being able to access the offer, the trader will need to register and undergo a simple and quick verification.
  3. Automatic credit.
  4. The extra funds will be loaded onto the applicant’s account automatically immediately after making the first deposit.
  5. Maximum total bonus.
  6. Each trader can receive a maximum of $500 in bonus funds.
  7. Clear withdrawal.
  8. The bonus can be withdrawn if the required conditions are met. Profits can be withdrawn at any time it is deemed necessary.
  9. No stop trading.
  10. Trading strategies, trading robots, scalping, and arbitrage. All allowed.
  11. Promotion timing.
  12. The Welcome Bonus has an unlimited duration.

Get ForexChief’s Welcome Bonus

How to Request the Bonus

To have access to the initiative, it will be enough to perform the following very simple steps:

Open an account
To begin, the interested party will need to register and open a new real account choosing between MT4.DirectFX, MT4.Classic+, MT5.DirectFX, and MT5.Classic+. Proceed with a quick verification process (identity and residence).
Request the bonus.
The customer can request the bonus through the replenishment form and clicking on “Register welcome bonus”.
Verification of the credit of the extra funds
After registering, verify that the extra funds have actually been credited.
Start investing to achieve your goals and withdraw any profits.

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Terms and Conditions

Each customer who wishes to join the offer must carefully read and accept the imposed regulations. Here is a summary of the terms and conditions.

  • To be able to request the bonus, each customer must open a real account MT4.DirectFX, MT4.Classic+, MT5.DirectFX or MT5.Classic+. Other accounts offered by the broker are not compatible with the offer.
  • Each customer can access the promotion only once and on a single account, making a minimum necessary deposit of $50. To proceed with the actual registration, click on “Register welcome bonus” on the dedicated form.
  • The maximum bonus amount equals 100% of the deposit made up to a max of $500 (or the equivalent currency).
  • Any profits can always be withdrawn, while the bonus can be subjected to withdrawal only after meeting the necessary trading conditions. The positions valid for the calculation must be opened and closed. The formula that allows you to withdraw the bonus is as follows: Required turnover = Welcome bonus in USD x 50,000. For example:
    The customer buys 1 lot EURUSD (1 lot = 100,000 EUR), opens a position at the price of 1.1257 and closes at 1.1283. Commercial turnover = (100,000 * 1.1257) + (100,000 * 1.1283) = 225,400 USD.
  • In no case can the bonus be used in a “drawdown” situation and if this happens, it will be automatically canceled if the total value of the account is equal to or less than the credit. Once the credit is canceled, all positions will be forcibly closed (Stop Out).
  • By activating the Welcome Bonus on your account, the total funds available for withdrawal will have a maximum limit calculated according to the following formula: Available for withdrawal = Free Margin – Welcome Bonus – Reload amount for which the Welcome Bonus was granted. If the trader deems it necessary to abolish the withdrawal restrictions, he can cancel the bonus in his personal area. In this case, the bonus amount will be canceled.

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