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Are you an expert in trading? Create your investment fund and get a first investor with $ 1000!

What is an investment fund and how does it work

Broadly speaking, an investment fund can be understood as a basket of shares (or other financial products). When the interested trader decides to participate in an investment fund, a manager will negotiate his money, taking responsibility for every decision to be made. Indeed, the “manager”, by carefully analyzing the market, will carry out buying and selling operations on behalf of the fund, based on the results of careful research. Investment funds are often confused with indexed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). But actually, the two types of investment have important differences:

ETFs are exchange-traded funds, they faithfully replicate the performance and yield of equity, bond or commodity indices. Usually, they are not managed by a manager.
Investment funds.
They allow investing in various fields, such as emerging markets, focus its interest on a specific geographic region and the possibility of combining more investment categories.

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But in practice, how does an investment fund actually work?

Investment funds are composed of securities, bonds or other financial products from various companies. And consequently, by participating in the fund, you will automatically invest in several companies at the same time. The main advantages deriving from the wide spread depend on the extraordinary diversification of this type of investment. In fact, a title with disappointing returns will have a limited impact on the fund’s total return, just as unusually high values will have a limited influence on the overall result. A sort of balance that will allow you to limit costs and losses.

The manager’s task is to create a well-structured investment fund. It will be the manager who decides on which instruments to invest and the trader will have no task in creating the fund’s portfolio, he will only have to decide whether to invest or not.

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Investment funds are mainly divided into two categories: open and closed.

Open investment funds.
With open investment funds, the manager is allowed to expand the basket of available instruments only when new investors arrive. Open funds always include the net asset value (Net Asset Value – NAV) and the fund’s price depends on it.
Closed investment funds.
As for closed investment funds (commonly used less than open ones), the number of available instruments is fixed and unchanging. The price of such investment funds is determined by the fund’s supply and demand. When a trader decides to invest in a closed investment fund, they will have to carefully decide in advance the amount of money they are willing to pay and how much they would like to earn. Alternatively, they can set a limit to ward off substantial losses.

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Create a new investment fund with ForexChief and receive $ 1000

Although extremely experienced traders in the sector create well-structured investment funds, in some cases this is not enough to attract potential investors. In short, being a manager is a challenging enterprise. To support the managers’ work and allow them to develop interesting trading ideas, the ForexChief broker has created a promising promotional initiative, “Create a new investment fund and get the first investor with $ 1000”.

In practice, the interested trader with significant experience in the field, will have to venture into the creation of an investment fund respecting the imposed terms, request the activation of the promotion and subsequently after the broker’s verification, the manager will receive $ 1000 added by a real investor who will become part of the fund.

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To be able to request the promotional initiative, just perform the following simple steps:

Elaboration of a new investment fund.
The trader will initially have to create an investment fund that must respect certain parameters. It must be a Public Fund with Manager’s remuneration up to 20%.
Activation of the fund.
Initially, the fund must be activated before it is available to investors in the Rating. To proceed with activation, the trader will have to undergo a verification process (sending personal data such as identity document, proof of residence) and make a fund recharge of at least $100. When the fund is active and available in the Rating, potential customers can start investing.
Activation request from the promotion.
As soon as the fund is active and visible in the Rating, the manager can proceed with activating the initiative in two ways, by sending a request to the email address [email protected] or alternatively creating a ticket. In addition, the trader will have to provide proof of his experience, the skills acquired and the successes achieved by sending a trading statement with another broker or a screenshot of reliable investment resources. When the analyzed proofs are valid to be able to access the initiative, $ 1000 will be added to the created fund.
Accreditation of the $ 1000.
It is important to know that the $ 1000 will be added by a real investor who becomes part of the fund, which means that he could decide to resume investments at any time. This should encourage the manager to create extremely valid, profitable and stable trading strategies, to avoid substantial losses. Be constantly attentive and precise to prevent the investor from losing interest and deciding to withdraw his investments from the fund.

Obtain an investment fund from ForexChief