Main Conditions of FBS Original ‘Lucky T-shirt’ promotion

Here is a brief summary of the promotion.

Reward FBS Original ‘Lucky T-shirt’
Reward Requirements Deposit over $500 & Trade 2 lots
Promotion Period Unlimited
Leverage 1:3 (1:3000 for Forex)
Withdrawal Both your fund & bonus are available for withdrawal

It’s an exciting opportunity to get cool FBS original t-shirts!

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How to get the Lucky T-Shirts?

  1. Signup and Open an account with FBS
  2. Deposit over $500
  3. Trade 2 lots
    • In case of ‘Cent’ account, you need to trade 200 lots.
  4. Request your T-Shirts from ‘Personal Area’

FBS Official Website

Withdrawal Conditions

There is no conditions to fund withdrawal through the promotion.

You can withdraw your fund and profit at anytime you want.

Terms and Conditions

Here are some important rules of the promotion. For the full T&C, please refer to FBS’s Official Website.

  1. To be eligible to get the T-shirts, the sum of your one-time deposit must exceed $500.
  2. T-shirt with VIP embroidery is available to order only after one-time deposit of $ 1,500 and 2 lots traded.
  3. Each trading account can participate in the promotion only once.
  4. Matching couple T-shirts are considered as one item.
Check the catalog in the personal area

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