FBS $50 No Deposit Bonus

Main Conditions of FBS $50 No Deposit Bonus

Here is a brief summary of the Welcome Bonus promotion.

Main Conditions FBS $50 No Deposit Bonus
Bonus Amount 50 USD for Free
Bonus Requirements Account Opening & Verification
Promotion Period Unlimited
Leverage 1:3 (1:500 for Forex)
Withdrawal Profit is available for withdrawal*

How much money and time do you need to get the 50 USD? $0 and 3 minutes!

Get the Bonus now

This is the ultimate Risk-Free promotion for Online Traders.

Whether you are investing in FX, CFDs, Commodities or Cryptocurrency pairs, this Bonus will help you get started immediately.

How to get the $50 Bonus?

  1. Open a $50 Bonus account
  2. Verify your Personal area (with documents) and confirm your e-mail and phone number
  3. and you get the $50

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Withdrawal Conditions

You cannot withdraw the Bonus amount, which is the $50.

You can withdraw Profits from the account.*

*To withdraw the profit generated in the Bonus account, you must trade at least 2 standard lots and the profit amount reaches $25.

You can deposit your fund to the Bonus account, in order to meet the requirement.

You can make deposits to your bonus account whenever you want once the bonus is credited

Please note that the Bonus amount will be cancelled/deducted once you make a withdrawal.

Terms and Conditions

Here are some of the important Terms and Conditions of the promotion. (For the full conditions, please login to the ‘Personal Area’.)

  1. The Bonus is available for unlimited time.
  2. The Bonus is available only on the MT4 trading platforms.
  3. The maximum leverage available in the Bonus account is 1:500.
  4. The maximum leverage available for Cryptocurrency pairs is 1:3.
  5. The maximum profit amount you can withdraw from the Bonus account is $500.
  6. You cannot join any other promotions with the Bonus account until you make a deposit to it.
  7. Each client/computer/IP can open only one “Bonus 50” account. It is prohibited to work through proxies or using any IP-address modifying software. Opening the second Bonus $50 account is impossible even after bonus funds are charged off.
  8. Trading is not available via MT4 WebTrader. You should download MetaTrader platform for PC or MetaTrader app (IOs/Android) from here.
  9. For clients from Indonesia withdrawal of profit is possible only to local banks.
  10. $50 Bonus is unavailable for clients residing in Ukraine, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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