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Exness Loyalty Program

Exness Loyalty Program: Start Saving on Trading Costs

Exness has announced the Exness Loyalty Program, a pioneering initiative designed to significantly reduce your trading expenses.

With the introduction of Exness Dollars (EXD), Exness’s valued traders can now enjoy a remarkable 50% savings on spreads and commissions, maximizing your trading efficiency and profitability.

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Exclusive Pilot Program Invitation

To join this unique opportunity limited to a select group of Exness’s esteemed customers, you need to be chosen to participate in the exclusive pilot phase of Exness’s loyalty program.

This pilot phase is your chance to experience firsthand the benefits of the program before its full launch.

Don’t miss this chance to lead the way in leveraging your trading activities for greater rewards.

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How It Works: Earn and Save with Every Trade

For every transaction you make, you’ll receive 10% back in Exness Dollars (EXD), where 1 EXD equals 1 USD.

This innovative rewards system allows you to accumulate EXD simply by trading as you normally would.

You can then use your accrued EXD to cover up to 50% of the costs associated with spreads and commissions on future trades, effectively halving your trading expenses.

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Effortless Redemption Process

Redeeming your EXD is straightforward and user-friendly.

On the 7th of each month, you can transfer the EXD earned in the previous month from the “Available EXD” section within your Rewards Wallet directly to your preferred trading account.

This simple process enables you to consistently save on trading costs, making your trading journey more cost-effective and enjoyable.

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Your Trading Costs Slashed by Half: Exclusive Early Access

By participating in the pilot of Exness’s Trading Rewards loyalty program, you’re positioned to substantially reduce your trading costs by 50%.

This initial phase allows you to benefit from rewards for your trading activity while providing valuable feedback to refine and perfect the program.

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Trade Smarter, Not Harder

Exness’s loyalty program is designed to make your trading smarter and more cost-effective, with no additional effort required on your part.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Reward Wallet Access: Find your Reward Wallet under the Settings tab in your Personal Area, or update your Exness Trader app to the latest version for visibility.
  • Accrue EXD Automatically: With every trade, earn EXD which accumulates in your Reward Wallet, ready to be used at the end of each month to offset future trading costs.
  • Comprehensive Support: Should you have any questions or need assistance, Exness’s dedicated support team at [email protected] is here to help.

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Maximizing Your Trading Benefits with EXD

Understand the essentials of earning and using EXD, from accruing rewards for every trade to allocating your EXD for cost savings on future transactions.

Whether you’re curious about how to see your balance, when rewards become available, or specifics about the redemption process, Exness has got you covered.

Your participation in this pilot not only enhances your trading efficiency but also contributes to the fine-tuning of a program designed to reward you every step of the way.

Join the Exness Loyalty Program

Get Started Today: Explore Your New Reward Wallet

Dive into the world of EXD Trading Rewards, where every trade brings you closer to halving your trading costs.

From understanding your available rewards to managing your trading allocation, everything you need is at your fingertips in your Reward Wallet.

Begin your journey towards smarter trading with EXD, and enjoy the tangible benefits of reduced trading costs, guaranteed rewards, and full control over your accumulated EXD.

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