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30% Margin Booster for Crypto Trading with Exclusive Markets

Cryptocurrencies, an extremely volatile product to invest in, are among the most popular in the world. To take advantage of this characteristic, a trader who usually invests in this market knows that having a sufficient fund deposit and optimal portfolio diversification is essential to maximize their trading advantage. In practice, having more funds equates to greater profit opportunities.

To ensure that each client can make the most of every opportunity, the broker Exclusive Markets offers its traders the chance to request a 30% Margin Booster. This deposit bonus will allow you to receive up to a maximum of 30,000 USD in your account and significantly expand your investment volume.

This promotional initiative is available for anyone, both for traders who are already clients of the broker and for new members.

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The promotion is structured as follows:

  • The offer is freely accessible to all traders with a real Standard, Plus, and/or Exclusive account.
  • The minimum deposit required to make a request is 1000 USD.
  • Funds resulting from the promotion can be withdrawn if the conditions imposed by the broker are met.
  • The maximum amount each trader can get from the promotion is 30,000 USD.
  • Having made the necessary deposit, the client will receive the extra funds from the promotion within one day to use in trading.

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As mentioned, the bonus can be withdrawn if the minimum requirements set by the broker are met. After making the minimum necessary deposit into their account (Standard, Plus, or Exclusive), the client will need to trade a minimum number of lots, calculated according to the following formula:

Minimum number of lots = Bonus amount x 2.5 / 10.

  • The client must complete the required trades within 30 days of activation and crediting of the bonus funds.
  • The client will be entitled to request a fund withdrawal only after 30 days from the bonus credit to their account.
  • Only positions opened and closed in a minimum time of 5 minutes will be considered eligible for the calculation.

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Terms and Conditions of Use

Traders interested in the offer will need to understand and accept the terms and conditions imposed by the broker. Traders who already have an Exclusive Markets account compatible with the promotion (Standard, Plus or Exclusive) or new members, may request the bonus program and use the extra funds in trading. Below is a summary of the promotional initiative rules.

  • The promotion can only be activated with accounts with a base currency of Euro, USD, GBP, and JPY. Only new deposits made by the client into compatible accounts will be considered valid for activating the offer.
  • The compatible accounts offered by the broker are: Standard, Plus, and Exclusive. Both new and existing accounts can have access to the offer.
  • The extra funds resulting from the promotion can be used to increase the available leverage but cannot be lost. If the client’s funds fall below the credited bonus amount, the promotion will be automatically canceled and the trader will no longer be able to request it in any other account in their name.
  • The bonus credit will be made within one business day from the credit of the funds on the client’s deposit. Extra funds can only be used for trading purposes.
  • Regardless of the number of deposits made or the number of accounts held by the applicant, the maximum bonus amount the client can receive is USD 30,000 or other equivalent currency applicable based on Terms and Conditions. If the trader loses the maximum bonus of 30,000 USD, they will not be entitled to any other bonus, even if they make another deposit into their account.
  • Fund transfers between various accounts will not be considered as deposits and therefore not valid for a bonus request.
  • The 30% Margin Booster will be available until the end of the promotional period. Once the bonus period is over, it will be removed from the client’s account.
  • During the promotional period, the client can deposit funds at any time they deem necessary and will receive a corresponding bonus up to the maximum limit (30,000 dollars).
  • The 30% Margin Booster promotional offer is not compatible with other promotions offered by the company, therefore if the interested party already has an account with other active promotions, they can participate in the initiative by opening a new account.
  • If deemed necessary, the company reserves the right to refuse the client’s enrollment in the bonus program.
  • The amount credited and or removed as a result of the Bonus will count towards the maximum cumulative Bonus amount.
  • By making the minimum deposit required to access the promotion, the company will credit extra funds of 300 dollars to the client’s account (calculated as follows 30% * 1000). The client can trade this amount, but may proceed to withdraw only if the necessary conditions are met, which require a minimum trade of 75 lots (minimum number of lots = 300 * 2.5 / 10 = 75). The time limit to trade the lots required for withdrawal is thirty days. Once the conditions are met, the client can withdraw the funds (both their own and those resulting from the promotion) at any time and without restrictions.

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As for the withdrawal conditions, by consulting the following tables, it will be possible to know in detail the withdrawable amount, automatic bonus removal, and completion of trading terms.

Withdrawable Amount

Transaction Client Deposit Bonus Fund Credited Total Credit Balance Total Capital Notes
1 $1,000 $300 $300 $1,000 $1,300 The client received a 30% bonus
2 $5,000 $1,500 $1,800 $6,000 $7,800 The client received a 30% bonus
3 $100,000 $28,200 $30,000 $106,000 $136,000 The client should have received a 30,000 bonus, but due to the maximum bonus limit received a 28,200 bonus
Transaction Client Withdrawal Bonus Fund Withdrawn Remaining Credit Balance Total Capital Notes
1 $-1,000 $-300 $29,700 $105,000 $134,700 Bonus to remove = Withdrawal amount requested x Bonus promotion : $1000 x 30% = $300

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Automatic Bonus Removal

Transaction Balance Credit Total Capital Total Unrealized and Realized PnL Notes
1 $1,000 $300 $1,300 $0 The client received a 30% bonus
2 $1,000 $300 $300 $1,000 The credit is automatically removed once the deposited funds are equal to or less than the bonus fund amount.

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Completion of Trading Terms

Transaction Balance Credit Total Capital Total Unrealized and Realized PnL Notes
1 $1,000 $300 $1,300 $0 The client received a 30% bonus

For further information, the trader can contact the support team.

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Crypto Trading with Exclusive Markets

Traders know that trading in a highly volatile market like cryptocurrencies is risky. Having sufficient funds to diversify their investment portfolio, a decent understanding of market dynamics and the characteristics of the product they have chosen to trade is essential to achieve their goals. Furthermore, having a well-structured trading environment, with favorable trading conditions and a wide range of high-quality products and services, will allow the trader to take full advantage of both their skills and the opportunities present in the market.

With ExclusiveMarkets, in addition to being able to take advantage of a 30% Bonus to increase their investment volume, the client will be able to trade on a wide range of crypto instruments with extremely advantageous trading conditions.

  • Possibility to trade on over 20 of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, including Bitcoin, Dash, EOS, Ethereum, NEO, Ripple, Tron.
  • The broker updates the list of available instruments monthly, adding new cryptocurrencies to invest in.
  • Reduced spreads starting from 0 pip, high financial leverage up to 1:400, and quick order execution on MT4 and MT5 platforms.

The trading conditions, although still advantageous, vary based on the instrument chosen for trading, the type of account, and platform (MT4 or MT5).

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Regarding the instruments, by visiting the dedicated page for crypto investments on the official website, the client will be able to know in detail the swap, leverage, and minimum trading volume for each product.

Here are some examples of offered products:

Ticker Cryptocurrency Contract Size Minimum Trading Volume Maximum Applicable Leverage Long Position Swap Short Position Swap Triple Swap Applied Swap-Free Trading Days Long Daily Fee Short Daily Fee Trading Hours
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash 1 0.01 1:50 -20% -20% Friday 2 -23% -23% 00:00 – 24:00
BTCJPY Bitcoin vs JPY 1 0.01 1:400 -20% -20% Friday 2 -23% -23% 00:00 – 24:00
BTCUSD Bitcoin vs USD 1 0.01 1:400 -20% -20% Friday 2 -23% -23% Sunday-Friday 00:05 – 24:00, Saturday 00:05 – 12:00, 19:00-24:00

We would like to remind you that the percentage of the trade value for cryptocurrencies represents the annual cost that every trader will have to face for both long and short positions. To know the overnight swap, the calculation is as follows: Volume X Contract Size X Closing Price X Swap Charge Percentage / 360

Invest with Exclusive Markets

Accounts compatible with the offer (Standard, Plus, and Exclusive) have different characteristics and trading conditions from each other. Each trader can choose the one that best suits their style:

Features Standard Account Plus Account Exclusive Account
Minimum Deposit $ 5 $ 5 $ 500
Base Currency $ € £ ¥ $ € £ ¥ $ € £ ¥
Contract Size 100,000 units 100,000 units 100,000 units
Spread Starting from 1.5 pips Starting from 0.8 pips Starting from 0 pips
Trading Fees None None $7 per round turn lot
Order Execution Market Market Market
Available Platforms MT4 – MT5 MT4 – MT5 MT4 – MT5
Maximum Leverage on Cryptocurrencies 1:400 variable based on the selected instrument 1:400 variable based on the selected instrument 1:400 variable based on the selected instrument
Margin Call 50% 50% 100%
Stop Out 20% 20% 50%
Swap Free Option (Islamic account) Available Available Available
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 0.01 0.01
Maximum Volume per Order 100 lots 100 lots 100 lots
Negative Balance Protection Available Available Available
Hedge Margin 0% 0% 0%
Maximum Open Order (including pending order) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Allowed Volume Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

We would like to clarify that in order to benefit from a “swap free” account, the client must exclusively be of Islamic faith.

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