easyMarkets VIP Account for Crypto Trading

Taking quick and accurate decisions in highly volatile crypto markets is essential for achieving your goals successfully. Relying on a broker that provides access to a well-structured trading environment, with favorable trading conditions and advanced tools, is crucial. Besides creating their own trading strategies, traders who usually invest in crypto are constantly looking for a suitable broker that meets their needs and offers increasingly advantageous and secure exchange conditions.

To fully meet its clients’ needs, the international broker easyMarkets, in addition to providing access to a wide range of services and updated tools, offers the possibility of requesting a new VIP account.

This account has unique features, providing the applicant exclusive access to numerous advantages and top-level trading conditions like minimum fixed spreads, a wide range of tools for real-time technical analysis, and a personal VIP market analyst. Moreover, being fully customizable, it will allow every trader to “shape” each feature to make it perfectly compatible with their style.

Below are the main features of the account:

Personal Analyst
An industry expert who will assist the client in accurate analysis of fundamental, technical and macroeconomic data.
Reduced Minimum Deposit
To gain access to the VIP account, the client will need to make a minimum deposit of 10,000 USD.
Phone Trading
An indispensable service. Useful in the absence of other means to interact with the markets. Just call, problem solved.
Fixed Spreads
Ultra-low fixed spreads starting from 0.7 pip, different from the spreads set by the markets which could lead to an increase in commissions in case of high volatility.
easyMarket App
To always have full control of your operations at any time and stay updated on crypto market fluctuations.
Wide Range of Available Crypto Tools
Cryptocurrencies of all kinds, from the most popular like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum to the more exotic ones.

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The VIP account offered by the broker is available on the easyMarket and MT4 platforms. The account features vary based on the selected platform. Although the differences may seem minor, each trader will be able to determine which is most suitable for their needs by consulting the following table:

Features VIP Account on easyMarkets platform VIP Account on MT4 platform
Minimum size for operations starting from 0.01 0.01
Spread type Fixed from 0.7 pip Fixed from 0.7 pip
EUR-USD from 0.8 pip 0.7 pip
GCB-USD from 1.4 pip 1.3 pip
USD-JPY from 1.5 pip 1 pip
OIL-USD from 0.04 pip 0.03 pip
XAU-USD from 0.4 pip 0.35 pip
Minimum deposit 10,000 USD 10,000 USD
Maximum leverage 1:200 1:400
Trading commissions None None
Account fees None None
Phone support Available Available
Personal account Manager Available Available
24/7 phone trading and live chat, 5 days a week Available Available
No slippage Available Not available
Guaranteed stop loss Yes No
Negative balance protection Available Available
Fundamental analysis Included Included
Trading Central technical analysis with daily email Included Included
Trading Central indicator Not included Included

Open a easyMarkets VIP account

How to access the easyMarkets VIP account

All traders interested, whether they are already customers of the broker (with an open real account) or new registrants, can request access to a VIP account by following these simple steps:

  1. If the trader already has an easyMarket real account, they will need to make a minimum deposit of 10,000 USD and proceed with the request. Traders without an account will need to: open a new account.
  2. Successfully pass the verification process (by sending documents that prove identity and residence).
  3. Make a minimum deposit of 10,000 USD.
  4. Request access to the VIP account.

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Invest in crypto with easyMarkets

In addition to access to the extraordinary trading conditions of the VIP account and the latest services, easyMarkets offers a broad and well-structured list of tools for crypto investments. A crypto trading environment full of opportunities and benefits:

A service that allows low-risk trading, with no margin requirements and zero spot spreads.
Allows you to cancel transactions made within 1, 3, or 6 hours without any loss.
Freeze Rate.
A service that offers the possibility to temporarily lock the rate of the selected instrument both at the opening and closing of trades.
Zero cost stop loss and take profit.
Helps the client to protect themselves from sudden price fluctuations.
Pending order.
Allows you to decide which rate to use to open a buy or sell position.

Open the VIP Account

In the following table, you can learn in detail about each characteristic of the available crypto tools:

Instrument Spread Starting From Contract PIP Value Minimum Contract Maximum Leverage
BTC / USD 35 1 Bitcoin 0.01 USD 0.01 Bitcoin 1:100
XRP / USD 0.004 1 Ripple 0.0001 USD 500 Ripple 1:50
ETH / USD 3 1 Ethereum 0.01 USD 0.1 Ethereum 1:50
LTC / USD 0.4 1 Litecoin 0.01 USD 0.5 Litecoin 1:50
BCH / USD 1 1 Bitcoin Cash 0.01 USD 0.5 Bitcoin Cash 1:50
XLM / USD 0.0008 1 Stellar 0.0001 USD 500 Stellar 1:50
ADA / USD 0.004 1 Cardano 0.0001 USD 50 Cardano 1:50
ALG / USD 0.003 1 Algorand 0.0001 USD 50 Algorand 1:50
SOL / USD 0.25 1 Solana 0.01 USD 1 Solana 1:50
UNI / USD 0.04 1 Uniswap 0.01 USD 5 Uniswap 1:50
DOT / USD 0.05 1 Polkadot 0.01 USD 5 Polkadot 1:50
LNK / USD 0.05 1 Chainlink 0.01 USD 5 Chainlink 1:50
ZEC / USD 0.5 1 Zcash 0.01 USD 2 Zcash 1:50
OMG / USD 0.007 1 OmiseGO 0.0001 USD 40 OmiseGO 1:50
MTC / USD 0.005 1 Polygon 0.0001 USD 200 Polygon 1:50
DSH / USD 0.5 1 Dash 0.01 USD 1 Dash 1:50
DOG / USD 0.0005 1 Dogecoin 0.0001 USD 1000 Dogecoin 1:50
XMR / USD 1.2 1 Monero 0.01 USD 0.50 Monero 1:50
CHZ / USD 0.0025 1 Chiliz 0.0001 USD 500 Chiliz 1:50
AVA / USD 0.1 1 Avalanche 0.01 USD 2.5 Avalanche 1:50

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