Cryptoarmy × C-Trade Exclusive Bonus

Cryptoarmy has officially partnered up with C-Trade.

Now “Cryptoarmy × C-Trade” offers up to $2,000 exclusive trading bonus.

It’s a guaranteed special trading bonus available only through Cryptoarmy.

To get a $2000 trading bonus, open C-Trade’s account through Cryptoarmy today.

Once you sign up and make a deposit, the bonus will be credited automatically within 15 days.

The exclusive bonus of “Cryptoarmy × C-Trade” will run from November 10th to 31st, 2021.

Open C-Trade’s Account today and get ready to receive the extra deposit bonus.

Get “Cryptoarmy × C-Trade” Deposit Bonus

Amount of “Cryptoarmy × C-Trade” Deposit Bonus

There are 5 tiers within the deposit bonus promotion run by “Cryptoarmy × C-Trade”.

See the table below to find out how much bonus you can get.

Eligible Net Deposit Trading Bonus (USD)
Tier 1 Less Than 500 USDT/0.01 BTC/0.15 ETH 16
Tier 2 Less Than 2,500 USDT/0.05 BTC/0.75 ETH 50
Tier 3 Less Than 10,000 USDT/0.2 BTC/3 ETH 200
Tier 4 Less Than 40,000 USDT/0.8 BTC/12 ETH 1000
Tier 5 Less Than 80,000 USDT/1.6 BTC/24 ETH 2000

Net Deposit = Total Deposit – Total Withdrawal

Bonus can be used as trading margin, to pay transaction fees, and to deduct trading losses. Profits made from the bonus can be withdrawn freely.

Get “Cryptoarmy × C-Trade” Deposit Bonus