BIT Trio, receive a generous reward of 8 million BITs!

From 10:00 am (UTC) on September 17th to 0 am (UTC) on October 16th, Bybit will launch three BIT events. During the event, free BIT coins will be issued, exclusive referral benefits will be introduced, and 300,000 BIT will be waiting for you to share!

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What is BIT?

Bybit The BIT Time Rush

BIT is the native token of BitDAO, the world’s largest decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). BitDAO aims to effectively allocate huge financial and human resources to promote the development and growth of DeFi. Want to know how BitDAO will build open financial development in the future?

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How to use my BIT coins?

BitDAO is managed and decided by BIT token holders. As a token holder, you can make proposals and vote on key decisions, such as fund allocation, token exchange with emerging projects, etc. You can also buy and sell BIT on the Bybit spot platform in exchange for USDT without Maker fees!

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What are the three activities of BIT?

1. Bybit Launchpad

From 00:00 (UTC) on September 22, 2021 to 23:59 (UTC) on September 28, 2021, you can win up to 3,500 free BIT coins!

Bybit will take hourly snapshots of your total wallet balance (in U.S. dollars) within 5 days. Your average daily wallet balance during this period will determine the amount of free BIT you can eventually get, with a cap of 1,000 BIT per person.

In addition, every dollar in your wallet will be equivalent to a lottery ticket. Bybit will randomly select 400 winners, and each will send 2,500 free BIT coins! If there are repetitions, Bybit will delete the overlapping part and re-run the lottery until 400 different users are drawn.

Top up your wallet now to maximize your chances of winning!

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2. Bybit Launchpool

From 11:00 a.m. (UTC) on September 28, 2021 to 00:00 a.m. (UTC) on October 13th, deposit BIT in ByFi Mall to earn BIT and enjoy the highest annualized rate of return (APY). Reasonable distribution, let your cryptocurrency get more benefits!

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3. BIT airdrop

Your cumulative trading volume in Bybit meets the requirements, that is, you have a chance to win 600 BIT. Event period: September 29, 2021, 0 am (UTC) to October 16, 2021, 0 am (UTC).

Your spot trading volume before the event will be multiplied by three, while the spot trading volume and derivatives trading volume during the event will be calculated in multiples of 4.5 and 1.5, respectively. Are you confident of completing a winning deal? Accumulate your trading volume to earn more BIT coins!

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Recommend friends and receive more BIT

In addition to the 8 million BIT bonus pool, you can also earn BIT coins by referring friends to By bit. For each successful recommendation of a friend, you can get up to 8 BIT. If you successfully recommend 7 friends, you can get up to 56 BITs.

Bybit will announce more detailed activity tips and rules when each BIT launch event goes online. Welcome to follow Bybit’s event page to get the latest news from time to time!

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