The rewards of the Bybit Refer Friend Activity have been upgraded again. You only need to “successfully recommend” 1 person to unlock a 15% discount coupon for transaction fees; successfully complete a thousand-person group, and you can even share a total prize pool of 100,000!

Activity time is from August 11, 2021 to August 31, 2021.

1. Enjoy up to 25% off the handling fee

Recommend a friend, enjoy up to 25% off the handling fee!

In addition to the original rewards of “Recommend a Friend”, you can now successfully refer 1 person to unlock the handling fee discount coupon, up to 25% off!

How to participate?

Go to the Bybit Welfare Center and enter the password red envelope: 100000 rewards, and you will get $5 equivalent BTC experience gold when you sign up ;

Go to the recommended friend page, share the recommended link and invite friends to register by Bybit.

Successfully recommend 1 person to unlock the 15% discount coupon for transaction fees [Deadline 1 month].

Successfully recommend 3 people and unlock a 20% discount coupon for transaction fees [Limited period of 1 month].

Successfully recommend 5 people and above, 25% off the transaction fee for unlocking [Limited period of 2 months].

The handling fee discount coupon is only available for trading reverse contracts & USDT forward contracts.

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2. Unlock a total prize pool of 100,000

For every 100 recommended friends, a prize pool of 10,000 will be unlocked, with a total prize pool of up to 100,000 USD!

All referees and referees can participate in the bonus sharing:

The top three “successful recommendations” will share 45% of the total prize pool.

First place: 20%
Second place: 15%
Third place: 10%

The remaining 55% of the total prize pool is divided equally between all referees & referees.

All bonuses will be distributed to participants’ Bybit accounts in the form of USDT experience gold.

The total number of daily referrals & the top five referrals will be updated in the Blog before 17:00 the next day.

Discount coupons & experience gold rewards will be issued within 10 working days after the event ends.

If you do not enter the password red envelope, you will be deemed to have not signed up and you will not be able to enjoy the event rewards.

For the conditions of “successful recommendation”, please refer to the relevant regulations of ” recommend friends “.

Only calculate data for “successful recommendations” during the event.

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